Allergies to nervousness: photos, symptoms, treatment

Can there be an allergy to nervousness? As a rule, the cause of the non-standard reaction of the body is any allergen: cat's hair, pollen, dust, food or medicine. In some cases, the stress state may also act as a stimulus.

An allergy to nervous strain develops against the backgroundconstant stress, excessive emotionality, prolonged overstrain. However, in scientific circles, in this case, it is more often said about pseudoallergia, i.e., a pathological condition, in which a complex of symptoms characteristic of a "normal" disease is observed, but there is no allergen.

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Other common causes of pseudoallergies against the background of nerves include the following:

  1. Failures in the functioning of the body's immune system. Weak immune defense predetermines a greater susceptibility to allergic reactions in principle.
  2. Stress that may be accompanied by eating or eating disorders, insomnia, increased fatigue and irritability.
  3. Depression, which lasts a long time,reduces immunity, worsens the physical and psycho-emotional state. As a result, inflammatory processes develop, the risk of allergic reactions increases.

The difference between allergies on the nerves of the true

The true form of the disease is characterizedthe presence of a reaction only on direct contact with the stimulus. Allergies on nervous soil (the symptoms, the treatment of which is described further in the appropriate sections) is pseudoallergia, ie, it occurs solely as a result of emotional upheavals.

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Such a disease is prone to anxious, unnecessarysusceptible and unbalanced people. Some patients, for example, just look at flowering plants, how they will feel the whole list of symptoms characterizing such a disease, as an allergy on nervous soil (treatment, by the way, presupposes the normalization of the psychological state). Other people experience anxious symptoms after a stressful situation, alone or in fright.

Physical manifestations of allergy

An allergy to nervousness is manifested by the samegeneral symptoms, as any other type of individual reaction to food or other irritants. So, patients in the first place complain of dermatological manifestations, which include:

  • rashes that are accompanied by itching (a symptom often appears on the face, hands and scalp);
  • a rash that may appear in the mouth; this condition is often confused with beginning stomatitis;
  • Urticaria - there are red blisters slightly rising above the surface of the skin;
  • a runny nose that appears even in warm weather and differs in mucous discharge, lachrymation;
  • dry cough - a symptom that accompanies allergy, persists after taking antitussive medication;
  • a feeling of lack of air, in some cases a serious threat to life and health;
  • excessive sweating, palpitations and shortness of breath, even with low physical exertion;
  • trembling in the body, chills or fever, nausea - signs of pseudoallergia, not manifesting as often as other symptoms;
  • pallor of the skin, especially on the limbs, face;
  • discomfort in the chest, solar plexus;
  • problems with digestion - a symptom is more common than typical skin manifestations of allergy.

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A complex of characteristics characterizing this kind ofreaction, can vary depending on the individual characteristics and the degree of sensitivity of the organism. A special danger arises with the development of edema of the respiratory system, because in this case, choking is possible. Sometimes an allergy to nervous one (symptoms are more serious) is accompanied by a faint.

Symptoms from the nervous system

If the manifestations listed above canarise and with a true allergy, the nervous form of the disease is also characterized by exceptional symptoms. An allergy to nervous strain is characterized by some mental manifestations, among which you can list:

  • increased irritability;
  • frequent changes of mood;
  • depressive state;
  • confusion of thoughts;
  • weakness, loss of strength, drowsiness;
  • decreased efficiency and concentration of attention;
  • periodic headaches;
  • decrease in visual acuity, "clouding", although no physiological problems are diagnosed.

Allergic vegetative storm or panic attack

Allergies on nervous soil (photos of physiologicalmanifestations that can characterize the state, below) does not make itself felt all the time. That's why scientists introduced the concepts of "allergic vegetative storm" or "panic attack", which better describes the patient's condition. By such concepts is meant an attack of anxiety, panic or excitement, which is accompanied by four or more physiological symptoms.

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Diagnosis of allergies on nerves

When diagnosing a nervous allergy, the doctor shouldpay special attention to the emotional state of the patient. As a rule, people suffering from this form of allergic reaction are characterized by increased excitability, anxiety, and an unstable psycho-emotional state.

Analyzes for suspected nerve allergies

In addition, diagnose the non-standard response of the body to stress at the physiological level allows such studies:

  1. Skin tests. With a nervous form of the disease, the samples carried out in a calm state show negative results, except for the period of directly autonomic storm.
  2. Evaluation of the level of immunoglobulin E. Nervous allergy is not accompanied by an increase in the level of immunoglobulin E, as is the case with the true form of the disease.

Drug treatment for allergy on nervous

For effective treatment of neural allergybe sure to visit an allergist. The doctor will carry out the necessary studies and analyzes, and make a qualified conclusion - how the patient can get rid of such a disease as an allergy on the nerves (photo).

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Treatment must necessarily be comprehensive. As a rule, medicines help to combat the manifestations of an allergic vegetative storm, but the normalization of the nervous system will allow one to forget about attacks forever. In some cases, however, it is sufficient to eliminate the stress factor: for example, to change jobs or stop communicating with "heavy" relatives.

Drug therapy includes takingspecial antihistamines, as well as soothing and, possibly, hormonal drugs, herbal remedies. Antihistamines can alleviate the patient's condition during seizures, other drugs affect the causes of the development of pathology.

Normalization of the nervous system

Drugs alone are by no means eliminatedan allergy to nervousness. Symptoms (photos of physiological manifestations, of course, do not reflect the suppressed psycho-emotional state of the patient), manifested by the nervous system, require the cupping by other methods.

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So, a person suffering from a nervous formallergies, first of all you need to establish a positive emotional background. This will help visit a psychologist, neuropathologist or psychiatrist, art therapy and other activities that have a calming effect. Some patients stop feeling nervous allergies after a course of massage of certain points, acupuncture, hypnosis or neurolinguistic programming, reflex-manual therapy.

In addition, whenever possible, avoidstress, excessive overstrain (both emotional and physical), do not worry over trifles and change your view of problems. It is important to try to identify the main source of stress and eliminate it. For example, change of work, revision of vital values, positive communication with close people, minimization of loads will help.

Prophylaxis of allergies on nerves

The nervous form of an allergy is today frequentproblem. The reason for this is the rapid pace of life, constant stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, bad habits and social problems. To prevent the development of a non-standard reaction of the body to stresses, one should try to avoid overstrain, learn to relax and create a positive atmosphere around them.

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The reception of soothing charges also helpscurative herbs. Such teas are sold in any pharmacy. For periodic use, teas with thyme, mint, melissa are suitable. In addition, it is important to adhere to the optimal mode of work and rest, to allocate adequate time for sleep, to eat right, to take vitamins if necessary and to engage in affordable sports or exercise at least some physical activity.

Improve your condition after a hard workerYou can, for example, use meditation, yoga or massage sessions. It is important to avoid constant physical overwork. To develop the physical body and simultaneously improve the psychological state helps swimming, dolphin therapy. Communication with animals is also useful.