Increased pressure? What to do, how to help?

Often, the current lifethe development of diseases that occur against the background of overstrain and fatigue. Such ailments include hypertension, manifested due to stressful situations in the form of sharp jumps in blood pressure. In this case, even hypertensive people, who always have a drug in stock, may not always be able to orient themselves. If the pressure is increased, what should I do?

increased pressure what to do

"A silent killer"

So mysteriously called in the common people hypertension. The name "quiet killer" fully corresponds to it. The disease develops imperceptibly, the symptomatology is similar to usual fatigue. Often the patient learns about the diagnosis of "hypertension" from the doctor who came to the call "emergency medical care." And then a reasonable question arises: if pressure is increased, what should be done to prevent the sad consequences?

How can you identify the signs of an attack of hypertension? First, you need to regularly measure blood pressure. It is also important to pay special attention to pain in the heart and head, dizziness, tachycardia. Sometimes the first sign of hypertension is instant deterioration of vision. Also about the disease can signal a decline in strength in the morning and excessive fatigue in the evening.

increased diastolic pressure
Hypertensive crisis

The most severe manifestation of arterialHypertension is the situation when pressure is sharply increased. What to do in this case? During this condition, called the hypertensive crisis, the pressure can reach a critical level. Sometimes the patient's position is so severe that he can temporarily lose consciousness and the ability to move one of the limbs.

The first action in severe crisis

When there is an excessively highdiastolic pressure, what to do, to know the patient and his loved ones is simply necessary. First of all, you should immediately call an ambulance. If the condition is critical, you should try to reduce the pressure yourself, waiting for the doctors.

To improve their health, the patient mustfirst of all to relax. Breathing should be delayed at the time of exhalation for about 10 seconds, repeating the action for several minutes (three enough). Using this technique sometimes helps reduce the pressure on a couple of tens of millimeters of mercury. There is an improvement due to the fact that at the time of delay of breathing, the frequency of heart contractions decreases. The main rule - do not panic and do self-medication treatment!

If there is increased eye pressure, what should I do?

increased eye pressure what to do

It happens that the pressure rises not onlyin the blood vessels, but also in the eyes. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the cells of the retina are destroyed. At the same time, metabolic processes change in the eyes, and this brings with it serious complications.

The most dangerous is that oftenthe symptomatology of eye pressure does not manifest itself. But all the same there are signs, drawing attention to which, one can understand the presence of abnormalities in the organs of vision. In this case, the eyes quickly begin to feel tired, they have unpleasant sensations. Headaches resembling migraines may also join.

If there is increased pressure in the eyes, what should I do? With this symptomatology, you should immediately visit a doctor who will determine the cause of the abnormality. Sometimes such a symptom is due to disturbances in the hormonal system.