Where to take a spermogram? Results, interpretation of the analysis

Men sometimes have to visit a doctor,engaged in treatment of diseases of the reproductive system of the stronger sex. Taking analysis and testing fertility is not always easy. Men in this case have to provide material for diagnosis. Where to spermogramm better? This is exactly what this article will tell you. You will also learn about how the decoding is done and what the analysis results mean.

where to spermogrammu

Where to take a spermogram?

Diagnosis is carried out in most casesexactly where you got such an appointment. Currently, people are divided into two main subgroups. Some prefer free medicine and attend state medical institutions. Others use private clinics. Such patients believe that these institutions provide more qualified and quick help.

Research in a public medical institution

Where to take spermogram, if you usefree medicine and have all the necessary documents for this (insurance policy, passport of a Russian citizen, pension certificate)? Of course, in the same organization, where the direction for analysis was received. There are cases when in the walls of such an institution do not produce such studies. In this case, the doctor will write you a referral to another institution, but the analysis for you should still remain free.

Often on such a diagnosis there is a smallqueue. If you are faced with a similar problem, then it's worth to register for the analysis and wait a bit. Alternatively, you can use the services of commercial medicine.

where to spermogrammu

Research in private clinics

Where to take spermogram, if you are observedDoctor in the institution commercial? In the event that this center provides a similar service, the analysis can be submitted there. If the institution does not perform such a diagnosis, the doctor will send you to another center. Remember that the survey will still be paid.

If you do not have direction and yourselfexpress the desire to do the analysis, then you have a huge selection of medical centers, where it is possible to pass a spermogram. Weigh all the pros and cons, only then stop at a certain institution. Always consider the cost of the procedure and how the analysis is deciphered when choosing. Detailed diagnostics will cost you between 1000 and 3000 rubles. The usual study costs about 1000 rubles.

Where to spermogrammu in Moscow? One of the best options for diagnosing is a medical institution that specializes in similar studies. Center "Laboratory of Spermatology" is located at the following address: Bagrationovskaya metro station, Kastanaevskaya street, building 9, building 1.

If you are in any other populateditem, then find out where you can pass the analysis of the spermogram. Choose only tested laboratories that have specialized in this diagnostic procedure for years.

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Who is assigned the study?

Where to spermogrammu, you already know. But one question remains unresolved, to whom is this study shown? In most cases, men have to face this analysis when a long time does not work to conceive a child. Also, in disorders of erectile function, doctors recommend that this study be carried out. If you want to become a donor of semen, then you will also need to go through this procedure.

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Analysis results

Where it is possible to pass spermogram, we found out. Now let's talk about how to get the transcript of the study.

On average, the time for issuing the result is notmore than one hour. If the analysis is carried out in a public hospital, the period may slightly increase. All this is due to a large flow of patients.

It should be noted that a reliable resultanalysis is only when the diagnosis was carried out immediately after the delivery of the material. Also, some preparation is needed before the study. Most often, doctors recommend to abstain from sexual intercourse for three days. In addition, it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol before collecting materials.

The results of the analysis are usually given out exactlypatient. After that, you need to visit your doctor and ask them to decipher the data. If, as a place where you can pass a spermogram, you have chosen a state clinic, then the conclusion can be sent directly to your doctor.

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Explanation of the analysis

After you have received the resultresearch, you had very valuable data on your hands. It is with them that you need to go to the doctor for his expert opinion. Remember that the result of spermogram is not an independent diagnosis. Recommendations can be given only when taking into account the cumulative complaints and symptoms.

Quantity of material to be examined

Before the start of the diagnosis,volume of liquid. Normally, it should not be less than two milliliters. If you have spilled part of the sperm when collecting the material, then it is worth notifying the lab technician about it.

Acidity study

Normally, sperm has an alkaline medium. If you find an acidic environment (pH less than 7), then this can be the cause of death of germ cells.

Number of spermatozoa

The laboratory worker takes a one-milliliter fencefluid and calculates how many male cells there are in it. After this, the sperm count is calculated in the total volume. Normally, the number of cells should be more than 40 million.


In addition to determining the total number, you needto deduce also the number of active spermatozoa. Normally, male cells that move rectilinearly or forward should be more than fifty percent of the total volume.

where to pass the analysis on spermogrammu

Additionalresearch. With the help of such diagnostics, it is possible to identify some pathological processes. If you decide to do a detailed analysis, the following indicators will also be included in the decoding.

  1. Morphology. The structure of the spermatozoon is investigated and the number of pathological cells is determined.
  2. Viability. It turns out how many cells can survive in this or that environment.
  3. Additional elements. It is determined whether there are additional impurities in the ejaculate. So, the presence of a certain number of white blood cells is possible. Bacteria should not be at all.

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Now you know where to put the analysis onspermogram and how to decipher it. Do not ever self-medicate. After receiving the result, you need to see a doctor for the appointment. Health to you and good results!