What to do if it itches under the armpits

Any problem with the skin is the sourcecomplexes of inferiority, depression, depressed state. Because of this, a person experiences moral and physical discomfort, constantly reminiscent of himself. Even in such places, it would seem, not too noticeable, like the armpits, a person wants to have a beautiful and healthy skin. Moreover, the problems in this area are visible not only to him, but to the rest, and if he also itches under the armpits, it is very annoying and prevents him from living.

Why does itching appear under the armpits? How to prevent it? To understand all this, we need to clarify some physiological processes. First of all, we are talking about such an unpleasant phenomenon as too much sweating. This phenomenon is fraught with a sharp unpleasant odor, various kinds of irritations, spots on the skin and clothing, and also itching under the armpits.

Excessive sweating is the reasona whole osprey of problems: acne and dark spots under the armpits, redness, and so on, and problems of this kind require a compulsory, quick and concise solution, because they deliver very great discomfort, both physical and moral. With problems of this kind, there is no way to feel comfortable enough, and people are looking for a quick and high-quality way to solve them.

And this is not surprising. An unpleasant sharp smell repels people, and a boil under the arm can grow into a so-called "bitch's udder". It is urgent to take action! And the earlier the treatment is started, the higher will be the chance to forget forever the sweat and troubles associated with it. The tender skin under the armpits requires constant attention, and therefore it is necessary to observe the elementary rules of hygiene. Experts recommend taking a shower daily, in the summer - twice a day. On a clean, dry skin you need to apply antiperspirant in the morning, which must be selected individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the body and skin type, and in the evening - cream, ointment or a special deodorant that regulates sweating.

To avoid excessive perspiration duringday, you need to wear clothes and linen from natural cloth, buy "breathable", comfortable shoes. If there are already problems: redness appeared, itching under the arms, a strong smell of sweat, burning or irritation, then it is worth trying the traditional medicine. If you suspect that you have a fungus under your armpit, folk recipes will help. For example, to cure irritation of the armpits, you need to wipe the problem areas with a decoction of birch leaves or oak bark.

To get rid of red spots underarms will helpbath with a tincture of mint or sage. Excellent help to soothe the itching under the arms of rubbing with a weak solution of vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Cheshtsya under the arms - try to lubricate the skin with infusion of chamomile. If the traditional medicine is not enough, and the armpit hurts, pulls, and the abscesses / fungal diseases begin to be worried seriously, you should seek advice from a specialist who will advise the method of treatment.

In those cases when the patient has hanging molesunder the armpits, papillomas or warts, delivering the strongest discomfort during movements, they are immediately removed in the office of the cosmetologist. If there is an abscess under the arm, lipoma or boil, then a therapeutic medical course of antibiotics can be conducted. There have been cases when the bulk of problems are solved by plastic: strong irritation disappears, fat folds, "bump udder". When there are serious, dangerous to health problems: worry about severe pain, itches under the arms, develops hydraenitis under the arm, or enlarged lymph nodes, depending on the patient's health, the most extreme measures can be prescribed - injections of botox or surgical treatment.