Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: reviews. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova with asthma and bronchitis

Respiratory gymnastics system Strelnikovais a non-medicamental health-improving method. It was created at the turn of the thirties and forties of the last century. Its original purpose was to restore the singing voice. The ancestor of this respiratory gymnastics is Alexander N. Strelnikova. Then her mother continued to work as a mother.

reviews respiratory gymnastics strelnikova

In 1972 Alexandra N. Strelnikova became the owner of the author's certificate for the study entitled "A method for treating diseases associated with loss of voice." This work was registered in the State Institute of Patent Examination.

Application area

The described technique at some point becamereceive numerous positive reviews. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova is effective not only when restoring the singing voice. It began to be recommended for colds, pathologies of the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels.

Many famous singers and actors, as well as successfulspeakers leave positive comments about this method. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova performed by them not only daily to maintain a general tone, but also just before going on stage, which allows to significantly increase the energy of the performance.

The positive effect of using this techniquemanifested when getting rid of stuttering and eliminating neuroses. Many patients were helped by the breathing exercises Strelnikova. The patients' testimonies testify to its ability to relieve fatigue, help to get out of the state of depression and increase sexual activity. Classes conducted daily, stop the attacks of suffocation, normalize blood pressure, relieve pain in the heart, eliminate migraines, strengthen the body's immune forces, enhance the physical and mental performance of a person.

respiratory gymnastics
Respiratory gymnastics system Strelnikova shown when the following problems:
bronchitis and pneumonia;
- bronchial asthma;
- rhinitis and sinusitis of a vasomotor character;
- Skin ailments;
- Violations in the work of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, kyphosis, trauma of the spine);
- defects and disorders of the genitourinary system;
- Diseases of the vocal apparatus and stammering;
- neuroses of various types.

Opinion of physicians

Experts almost unanimously approvebreathing exercises Strelnikova. The doctors' comments characterize this technique as a highly effective auxiliary method for eliminating pulmonary diseases. Conducted repeatedly clinical studies convincingly proved the effectiveness of the exercises.

breathing exercises according to the strelnikovaya system

In particular, already at the very beginning of one of them, there was a complete cessation of seizures in children with atopic asthma.

How to learn the curative gymnastics?

A.N. Strelnikova developed a lot of exercises. Among them there are basic, basic. These are three exercises - "Ladoshki", "Pogonchiki" and "Pump". They receive the most enthusiastic reviews. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova in all the specialized complexes includes these three exercises. How can we do them?

To perform the exercise "Ladoshki" will requiretake the original standing position. You can sit with your back straight. Hands should be bent at the elbows, pointing the palms away from themselves. Only after this exercise can be performed. The palms should be clenched into fists, while simultaneously making noisy and sharp breaths. Such manipulations are done eight times. After a short rest, the exercise should be repeated. The whole complex consists of twenty series, each of which includes eight breaths.

Exercise "Pogonchiki" performed standing or straightsitting on a chair. In this case, the legs should be kept slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders. Hands should be located at the level of the belt. The palms should be squeezed into fists. During the exercise, breathing is done. At the same time, hands drop sharply downward. Fists at the same time unclench, and fingers spread out. At this point, shoulders and hands should be as tight as possible. The complex consists of eight series of eight exercises in each.

And the third, the last kind of basic movements -"Pump". The starting position is similar to the one that should be taken in the execution of "Pogonchikov". It is necessary to inhale loudly, and then slowly bend with exhalation. The complex should consist of eight series. In each of them, you must perform eight exercises.

Key recommendations

Only with proper and regular executionThe exercises technique will receive positive feedback. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova should be performed in a certain rhythm, which is similar to the rhythm of the march of marching soldiers.

Certain points must be taken into account inthe time of the exercises themselves. Thus, exhaled air must be passed through the mouth or nose. Breathing is always done through the nose. The air should be sniffed noisily. Do not forget about the most active inhalation and absolutely passive expiration.

If the exercise is well mastered, then without stoppingit can be performed not eight, but 16, and then 32 times. In the interval between the series of breaths, it is recommended to rest a little (3-5 seconds). If necessary, the break is increased to 10 seconds. And one more rule: breathing should be done simultaneously with the movements.

Pretty effective developed classesStrelnikova. Breathing exercises by her method can bring a curative effect after a month of exercise, conducted twice a day. This way of getting rid of illnesses is suitable for all people without age limitation. Children can perform these exercises, starting with three to four years. It is not contraindicated in breathing exercises and people of advanced age. You can do exercises not only sitting or standing. In severe conditions they will bring relief even to bedridden patients.

Elimination of ischemia

Methods of respiratory gymnastics Strelnikovafinds its application in heart attacks. At this time, it is recommended to sit while doing the "Pump" exercise. Place the palms on your knees. The head should be lowered so that the eyes look at the floor. Exercising represents small inclines forward with noisy and short inhalation of air. In this case, a certain sequence must be observed. When bowing it is necessary to inhale air, and when straightening - to exhale. The back of the stump should be tense. It is not recommended to delay or expel exhalations. The air must go off on its own.

strelnikova breathing exercises bristle
One series should include twoinspiration-bow. After this, a 3-5-second break is necessary. Then the movements are repeated. That's such a simple at the heart attacks breathing exercises Strelnikova. The patient's feedback indicates that the general condition after these exercises is improving somewhat. In the event that thirty-minute breathing exercises did not bring relief, this may indicate a wrong performance.

Elimination of excess weight

Helps to lose weight described respiratorygymnastics. By the method (Strelnikova has repeatedly proved its effectiveness) noisy breaths will not need to adhere to strict diets. An example of the effectiveness of this method can serve as the author of the method. Strelnikova even in seventy-seven years wore dresses of 48 sizes, fitting a figure. And this despite her predisposition to fullness.

To give up smoking

Eliminating dependence on tobacco will also helpconsidered respiratory gymnastics. By the method (Strelnikova warns only about the regularity of the exercises) active breaths, the number of cigarettes smoked per day gradually decreases. In addition, respiratory gymnastics removes nicotine plaque present on the vocal cords, bronchi and trachea. An alien substance is simply torn away by the body with secreted mucus and phlegm. In the event that the classes are held regularly, the harmful accumulation will completely leave the lungs.

Getting rid of hypotension and hypertension

Everyone knows that high blood pressure rendersharmful effects on organs and blood vessels. The reason for this is the increased rates of development of atherosclerotic lesions of the internal tissues of the arteries. In hypertensive patients there is a malfunction in the work of the heart muscle. This is due to the additional load that the blood stream undergoes, passing through the diseased vessels. This condition leads to an increase in the mass of the heart, which requires an increased volume of oxygen, and later threatens overwork. In addition, the risk of cardiac weakness and dystrophy is great. Non-pharmacological yield from this state is suggested by A.N. Strelnikova. Respiratory gymnastics, developed by her, allows you to normalize blood pressure in two to three months. At the same time, exercises help even those people who suffer from hypertension for a long time.

Elimination of headaches

If you perform several hundred movements-breaths bymethod Strelnikova, then the patient's condition will improve significantly. The headache will be dulled. By the end of the training, she will leave at all. Happens, that pains all the same remain. In this case, the healing gymnastics must be done several times during the day. This especially applies to chronic headaches. Here you will need to be patient and engage more than once during the day for a month or two.

Help with epilepsy

This disease is difficult to treat. This is due to organic changes in the brain that underlie pathology. It is completely impossible to eliminate foci of defeat. Nevertheless, by performing the exercises developed by Strelnikova, it is possible to reduce the number of epileptic seizures.

respiratory exercises according to the strelnikov method

In practice, there have been cases when patients have forgotten about the attacks of pathology for several years.

Elimination of neuroses

To similar pathologies it is possible to carry the whole groupdiseases, the source of which are reversible violations in the mental sphere. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova can help and such patients. After just half an hour, people start to enjoy life, laugh and sing. It's not at all surprising that these exercises are popular in the acting environment. After all, representatives of this profession are required in a matter of minutes to create the psychoemotional state necessary for the role. In addition, the implementation of the described exercises allows you to become more self-confident and courageous, to get a sense of freedom, a colossal emotional outburst and emancipation.

Getting rid of a chronic cold

Respiratory function is one of the most importantfor our body. However, the ailments of the upper respiratory tract disrupt it. This leads to malfunctions in the functioning of all organs and systems, because oxygen is needed for every cell of our body. Chemicals used in chronic cold can only have a short-term positive effect. In addition, their reception threatens the occurrence of side effects. And here the respiratory gymnastics offered by Strelnikova comes to the rescue. It also has a positive effect in the treatment of adenoids and sinusitis.

Help with bronchitis

In some cases, this pathology is delayed for months or even years. It is characterized by mucosal edema and increased sputum secretion.

Effective breathing exercises Strelnikova with bronchitis. At the same time, it relieves the patient of both acute and chronic forms of the disease.

Stomach respiratory gymnastics with bronchitis
Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova with bronchitiscan eliminate stagnation of secretion and relieve inflammation in the bronchi. To get rid of this pathology, you will need to perform a full set of exercises for two to three weeks. At the same time, classes should be conducted every morning and evening. Especially useful in this pathology exercises such as "Pump" and "Hug the shoulders." They are desirable to be repeated at the end of classes.

For patients with asthma

This disease is very insidious. To date, the world has not come up with a miracle cure that can cure this ailment. Asthma manifests through attacks of suffocation, which are caused by bronchospasm, as well as mucosal edema and hypersecretion. To normalize the patient's condition, as a rule, he uses bronchodilators - inhalers. However, there comes a time when they become ineffective. The patient has to be hospitalized and put a dropper with hormonal drugs. Today, medical science can not offer anything else today.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova with asthma can stop attacks of suffocation. In addition, doing exercises helps to reduce the dosage of medication.

Classes for asthma can be done right in bedimmediately after awakening. One of the exercises is pulling the legs bent at the knees to the chest. At the same time, a prolonged exhalation is necessary through the mouth. The number of these exercises is not limited. The main thing is that there is enough strength for their implementation.

When asthma helps exercise, when the patientalternately breathes something left, then the right nostril. You can also put your hands on your waist and maximize your belly. Such actions are performed when inhaled. Further, a sharp exhalation takes place, in which the stomach must be retracted.

With asthma, the "Woodcutter" exercise is also effective. To perform it, you need to stand up and clasp your hands in the lock. Then the breath is taken. In this case, you need to raise your hands up. The exhalation should be accompanied by the sounds "uh" or "uhf". At the same time, their hands fall sharply downwards.

Followers of the genius healer

Tragic ridiculous accident in September 1989 ended the life of Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova. She left, handing the work of her life to Mikhail Nikolayevich Shchetinin, his disciple.

The future doctor came to the healer, beingstudent of the faculty of directing. With the help of Strelnikova exercises, he not only returned the missing voice, but also got rid of asthma, restored completely nasal breathing. Exercises of curative gymnastics conquered him with their ingenious simplicity. He became an assistant, a devoted disciple and follower of a genius healer.

Strelnikov taught him a lot. Respiratory gymnastics (Shchetinin mastered this technique in perfection) gave him a powerful tool in his hands, which makes it possible to stop the asthma suffocating, help the patient-core and alleviate the condition of patients who are bedridden.

Today, the growing popularity ofthe method that Strelnikova developed - breathing exercises. Shchetinin actively promotes this method of getting rid of a lot of problems on television and radio, and also introduces him to the work of medical institutions.

Today the disciple and follower of Strelnikovacan provide real help to someone who wants to get rid of the disease. He reads free lectures for disabled people, old people, holds gratuitous sessions in military garrisons and colleges, as well as in tuberculosis clinics with seriously ill children.

Dr. Shchetinin is the head of the Center for Respiratory Gymnastics, A.N. Strelnikova and consultant of some medical institutions.

Buteyko Method

Currently, there are many varietiesrespiratory gymnastics. The most popular of them are two. Many people use the elements of respiratory gymnastics (Strelnikova). Buteyko also developed several other exercises. They do not use paradoxical breathing, as in Strelnikova, but superficial. Despite some differences, both methods are capable of producing an effect.

technique of respiratory gymnastics

These methods can cure bronchial asthma, hypertension and a number of other pathologies without taking medication and without exerting excessive effort.