Symptoms of allergy in adults. Consequences of an allergy

Symptoms and treatment of allergies are discussed in this article. What it is?

Allergy is an acute reaction of immunity toharmless and completely ordinary substances. Symptomatic can occur in different parts of the body. As a rule, it is observed for several days and can differ in the degree of its severity. Let's talk about the symptoms of allergies, and also find out what are the consequences of this phenomenon.

allergy symptoms

general information

Allergy in humans, as a rule, happens on woolsome species of animals, and in addition, to various products, medicines, chemicals, dust and insect bites, as well as to pollen. Below we will look at the symptoms and treatment of cold allergies.

Substances that cause pathology are calledallergens. In some situations, such reactions may be so weak that a person may not even suspect that they suffer from allergies altogether.

But despite this, allergy symptoms, on the contrary,can be extremely dangerous, life threatening. People who suffer from allergies can develop anaphylactic shock, which is a serious pathological condition associated with an extremely acute reaction to the allergen. Anaphylactic shock can be caused, as already noted, by various allergens: medical drugs, insect bites, and in addition, food. In addition, anaphylactic shock can occur as a result of skin contact with a certain allergen, for example, with latex.

Allergic reaction to cold

Symptoms of cold allergy:

  • skin changes occur quickly, within 1-5 minutes;
  • pathology is characterized by urticarial manifestations similar to nettle burns;
  • itching, burning, tingling;
  • in the place of contact of a cold object, edema is formed;
  • severe redness (erythema);
  • flat whitish or bright pink blisters, a small red rash is also possible;
  • peeling;
  • bruises on the rash in a day or two.

Symptoms maximize themselves when warming affected areas, when a person returns to a warm place, and the allergy is not only in the cold, but in wet weather.

allergies in the baby photos symptoms

Manifestations subsided within a couple of hours. Symptoms and treatment of cold allergies are often interrelated.

Cold Response Therapy

To mitigate the manifestations of cold attack, a comprehensive treatment is carried out, which involves the use of medications that eliminate various symptoms.

Itching rash, severe redness, blisters, swellingwell remove ointments, gels, sprays, creams (Fenistil-gel, Protopik, Gystan, Elidel). Hormonal ointments with pronounced swelling, excruciating itching are resolved by short courses (Hydrocortisone, Flucinar, Sinaf-ointment, Gystan N, Acriderm GK, Celestoderm).

Food allergy

Food allergies are immunereaction caused by certain products. Such an allergy is accompanied by well-known symptoms. Nutritional type of allergy occurs when the body mistakenly takes a product for a threat to itself and for self-defense launches the immune system to develop antibodies. When re-meeting with the allergen, the immune system quickly recognizes the "dangerous" substance, immediately reacting and again producing the necessary antibodies, in her opinion. It is because of these substances and the symptoms of allergy in adults are called. As a rule, the food form is almost always formed in this way.

It happens that adults can undergo allergies that were observed in childhood. But in the event that the reaction has arisen in an adult, getting rid of it will be very difficult.

Runny nose

Allergic rhinitis, which specialistscalled rhinitis or hay fever, observed in one person out of ten, and often this phenomenon is hereditary. Symptoms of allergy in adults (photo presented in the article) are not limited to this.

common cold in adults

People with bronchial asthma or eczema can alsooften suffer from an allergic rhinitis. Such allergies are predominantly observed in women, rather than in men. Against the background of an allergic rhinitis, symptoms may appear in the form of itching in the eyes and in the throat, and in addition, in the nose and in the sky, sneezing and nasal congestion are also possible. In addition, people can tear their eyes, which will be accompanied by discharge from the nose, and in some cases there is conjunctivitis. In more severe situations, an allergic rhinitis is capable of provoking an attack of asthma or eczema. Symptoms of cold allergies are also quite unpleasant.

What are the causes of allergies?

In some people, immunity can be acutereact to certain substances, which is why the development of various chemicals begins. One of them is histamine, which causes allergic symptoms. Such a reaction on the part of the body can occur when inhaled, and in addition, as part of skin contact or ingestion of an allergen. In addition to the already listed allergens, they can also be fluff, cosmetics or cigarette smoke.

General symptoms of allergy

Allergic reactions can be manifested inabsolutely different parts of the body, and the symptoms themselves can be present up to several days. As a rule, the following symptoms are observed as a result of allergy:

  • The condition of the upper respiratory tract is complicated by hay fever or asthma.
  • There is redness and tear in the eyes.
redness of the eyes
  • Appearance of pain and inflammation of the joints.
  • Appearance of urticaria and eczema.
  • The appearance of diarrhea, vomiting and indigestion.

What are the complications of allergy symptoms?


The appearance of this or that allergy can be complicated by the following reactions of the body:

  • Development of anaphylactic shock (extremely severe allergic reaction).
  • Appearance of shortness of breath or wheezing.
  • Appearance of a rapid pulse.
  • The appearance of cold sweat.
  • Skin stickiness.
  • Development of hives.
  • The appearance of gastric spasms.
  • Appearance of dizziness and nausea.
  • Development of collapse (acute vascular insufficiency).
  • Appearance of seizures.

It is important to note that the absence of medical care in case of severe illness can lead to death. Symptoms of cold allergy are discussed above.

cold allergy symptoms


The consequences of the body's allergy are more than serious. Allergic reaction in general negatively affects the body and its capacity. Against the background of this condition, a person can be fatigued, irritability appears, and in addition, immunity is reduced. As such, the consequences suggest the transition of allergic reactions to diseases in the form of hemolytic anemia, serum sickness, eczema, bronchial asthma, otitis, chronic bronchitis or rhinitis and much more. The reason for the appearance of such consequences is most often the untimely diagnosis of an allergic reaction or its incorrect treatment. For example, jamming food allergies can lead to a chronic pathology such as atopic dermatitis.

To avoid symptoms of allergy in adultsit is necessary to contact the doctor in due time and to conduct correct therapy of this or that reaction. It is important to note that the negative consequences are most often caused by the fact that patients are engaged in self-medication. Worst of all, this "treatment" is usually symptomatic, within the framework of which the symptoms of cold allergy are removed, for example, but their main cause is not revealed.

allergy symptoms and treatment

Anaphylactic shock

Especially difficult, and with it dangerousthe consequence of an allergy is anaphylactic shock, which, however, is a fairly rare but rapidly developing phenomenon. Anaphylaxis is a combination of several symptoms that develop rapidly fast:

  • The onset of severe pain and itching due to contact with the allergen.
  • Appearance of shortness of breath.
  • Appearance of seizures.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Appearance of angioedema.

Reaction to an insect bite or medicine

Most often anaphylaxis is observed as a result ofbite of an insect, and in addition, against the background of the introduction of a drug that causes the patient an allergic reaction. Less commonly, anaphylaxis may occur due to a food allergen. It is important to note that a phenomenon such as anaphylaxis is a dangerous consequence, which threatens the fatal outcome. In this regard, when the first symptoms appear, you should call an ambulance. Especially dangerous are allergy symptoms in the child (photos of the manifestation of the disease is presented in the article).

These or other consequences can often beare caused by the fact that the susceptibility of the body to an allergic reaction has not been taken into account, due to which there was no correct and timely therapy. Or it may be caused by the fact that the wrong diagnosis of the disease was selected along with self-medication. Given all of the above factors, it is important to note that every person should be engaged in their health, without waiting for dangerous allergic consequences, which can be handled more difficult than with what they were provoked.

What should a person do when an allergy occurs?

In the presence of mild allergic reactionsthere is a runny nose, watery eyes, and in addition, there are other symptoms resembling catarrhal. It is possible the appearance of a small rash. In the event that a person often observes similar reactions in his or her relatives, it will be superfluous to see a doctor.

It is important to know that in case of developmentAnaphylactic shock, allergies have an effect on the whole body. Anaphylactic shock, as a rule, occurs within fifteen minutes after receiving the allergen, in this connection, urgent measures are required, namely, the call of an ambulance. Also, avoid food, medicines and other substances that have ever been allergic.

On the development of allergies must beknown to all friends and family members. This information should be reported to all specialists, including dentists, dermatologists and so on. It also has to do with prescription drugs, and also over-the-counter drugs. Always, before taking this or another medicine, allergic persons should carefully read the packaging and the attached instructions.

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Antipyretic drops

In mild allergic rhinitisUse anti-edematous drops along with sprays intended for symptomatic relief. In the event that the allergy was caused by a drug, you must immediately stop using it and consult your doctor.

You should also take antihistaminedrugs, but only those that have been prescribed by a specialist. If you take antihistamines that have a sedative effect, you should avoid driving the car, as these drugs can cause drowsiness.

What can the attending physician do?

The doctor must necessarily exclude the possibilityother diseases, as well as perform tests aimed at identifying the allergen. After that, as a rule, patients are prescribed antihistamines and in case, if necessary, also steroids. In situations where the allergen was identified, and contact with him due to certain circumstances is inevitable, the doctor must introduce the patient a special vaccine in order to prevent and treat the deviation. Among other things, the doctor can recommend a special diet for patients who suffer from the development of food allergies.

What should preventative measures be?

As already noted,to identify substances that cause allergy symptoms (photos of which are presented in the article), after which, of course, they should always be avoided. It is equally important to ensure that the house is always clean and dust or fluff did not fly, and in addition to not having ticks. In those times when people sweep, vacuum, knock out dust from furniture, change bed linens and with other similar contacts, you should close your nose using a gauze dressing or a special mask. If there is an allergic reaction to pets, you can not keep them in your home.

Medical card

In the event that a person is allergic toit is advisable to always carry a special card with you on which it will be indicated which medicines there is a corresponding reaction. Thanks to this, even when a person is unconscious or can not recall the names of drugs, he will be immune from the introduction of an allergen to him. In addition, in the event that a person has a severe allergy, he should inform his or her family about it, and besides, do not forget to report this fact to the treating doctors.

We considered such a disease as an allergy. Photos, symptoms and treatment are presented.