Pain in the armpit

It happens that the periodic pain in the armpitcavity occurs against the backdrop of menopause, when a significant hormonal changes occur in the female body. But pain in the armpit as menopause comes on the decline due to changes in the hormonal background and sharply weaken or disappear in general in postmenopausal women. In case the pain does not disappear, the woman is prescribed hormonal drugs for replacement therapy.

If a young woman of reproductive agethere is a pain in the armpit, this indicates a violation of the outflow of lymph. Typically, this occurs before the onset of menstruation (cyclic mastalgia) and may be accompanied by tuberosity of the mammary glands and enlarged lymph nodes. Usually such nodes are rather soft and painless. In addition, they are single and easily shifted. This type of violation occurs in two-thirds of young women and does not carry any serious threat.

But sometimes the pain in the armpit can testifyand about serious problems with health. In the axillary region can be given pain from the appearing in the mammary gland seals. In this case, the lymph nodes remain unchanged (without increase and displacement), there is no unpleasant odor of sweat, there are no divorces and dark spots on the clothing. Seals can be a manifestation of mastitis, mastitis, as well as a sign of breast cancer. If such seals are found, if they are painful, do not hesitate and go to the doctor urgently.

Pain in the armpit can be inThe result of the disease is hydradenitis (in the people it is called the "bony udder"). This disease occurs when a staphylococcal, streptococcal or other infection enters the numerous sweat glands of the axillary region, arranged in a special way, through the excretory ducts. It provokes the appearance of red purulent nodes and swelling in the form of a cone. Of these nodes, purulent cream-like secretions begin to appear. Pain in the armpit becomes unbearable, and only one thing remains - surgical intervention. But even after the operation to remove the hydradenitis, the pain under the left armpit or under the right may disturb the patient. It is strengthened by drainage systems installed after plastics. Doctors even prescribe pain medications after surgery to relieve the patient's condition, but the pain is still long enough. And even with a reduction in pain after the abolition of opium medicines for a long time the patient can feel discomfort in the form of numbness and itching in the armpits.

Pain under the right armpit or left canto signal about an oncological disease or any trauma in this area. Therefore, as soon as you began to be disturbed by dull, aching pains, increased sweating, there was a sharp smell of sweat, lymph nodes moved or increased, you became irritable, - go urgently to the doctor.

Pain in the armpit on the left may occurbecause of vegetative-vascular dystonia in cardiac type. Heart pricks, whines, gives interruptions, presses in the chest, strongly beats. This pain is given to the left half of the human body - to the shoulder, armpit, hypochondrium, scapula, arm. Presence of all the listed symptoms should serve as an occasion for visit to the cardiologist.

If you have pain in the armpit,It is possible to address for consultation to the traumatologist, the neurologist, the surgeon, the oncologist. The doctor will prescribe the examination, and depending on his results either he will send to another specialist, or he will start treatment for the detected disease.

Do not self-medicate, do not fight alone with the ailment. For pain in the axillary region, contact only highly qualified specialists!