Wormwood: contraindications to the most bitter plant

Wormwood, contraindications to which are very strict, is also called palenom, chernobylnikom, emshanom. Pharmacy name: leaves of wormwood or wormwood herb.

Wormwood (contraindications are available) is used intraditional and folk medicine, most often as bitterness, which helps to stimulate appetite and improve digestion. This herb restores strength in especially weakened patients. Quite an effective medicinal product wormwood and with complex diseases of the liver: cholecystitis, hepatitis and cholelithiasis. Plant drugs are prescribed for flatulence, with dysmenorrhea, inflammation of the appendages, as an abortifacient, with kidney stones and kidney diseases, like anthelmintic, less often as a mild laxative. As an external remedy, this herb is used for lotions and compresses, and also as part of enemas against ascarids and pinworms. Bitter wormwood excites the central nervous system and improves hemopoiesis. It is indicated for insomnia, anemia, asthenia and epilepsy. Here is a medical clinic - curative wormwood - wormwood. Contraindications to it are given below.

Wormwood: Contraindications

Strictly contraindicated for usegrass wormwood during pregnancy. Poisonous substances that are present in wormwood can affect negatively the course of pregnancy and even (in rare cases) provoke miscarriage. The entire period of breastfeeding the baby should also pass without the participation of tinctures and decoctions of wormwood.

Wormwood is contraindicated in those people who sufferbleeding, enterocolitis, as well as allergies to certain components of the plant. Relative contraindication for the use of plant wormwood - a combination of advanced age and increased body mass. For people with such indicators, wormwood can be too powerful a tool that will harm the body.

Also contraindications to the use of grasswormwood are ulcers of the intestine and stomach, any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the phases of exacerbation. In no event should you take any medications from wormwood to people prone to alcoholism, suffering from mental disorders, as well as complicated CNS diseases. If there is thrombophlebitis, the wormwood should also not be ingested.

Deciding to use for wormwood treatment,Contraindications to its use should be studied especially carefully. Carefully measure each gram of grass for teas, infusions and broths. Wormwood is very poisonous, so the slightest overdose can easily provoke a healthy person's significant mental disorders, muscle trembling, even the appearance of visions. It is not recommended to drink medicines from wormwood for a long time, since this also can provoke a dangerous overdose. Of course, drugs from this herb have a very bitter taste. But it is in this bitterness that there is that basic therapeutic effect of wormwood. Do not immediately drink a lot of infusions and teas with this bitterness, because you can very soon get used to it.

Tincture of wormwood: contraindications

The drug is not allowed to use fortreatment of patients that have an increased sensitivity to the plant itself, to alcohol, as well as those suffering from duodenal ulcers and stomach ulcers, reflux esophagitis, gastritis with high acidity, cholecystitis, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Overdose of wormwood can cause a strong excitation of HC (convulsions, hallucinations).

Wormwood categorically can not be taken constantly. It is necessary to make small breaks - at least 1-2 months. The course of treatment for this herb should not exceed a total of two weeks, maximum it can last a month, after which a break is necessary - at least for 2 weeks, or even better for a whole month. Since the plant is poisonous, it must be consumed exclusively under the supervision of a physician.