How to clean your ear: advice from specialists

Experts often disagreehow to clean your ears, so that it is effective and safe. Remember only that this process must take place with precautionary measures.

how to clean your ear

In order to do everything right, you needFirst, get a cotton swab and a special tool for cleaning the auricles, which is sold in pharmacies. There is a whole scheme as to how to properly clean the ear:

  1. Dampen the cotton swab in a special tool.
  2. Tilt your head so that the ear you are about to clean is pointed upwards.
  3. First, you need to carefully process the auricle, and then drop a few drops of solution into the ear.
  4. In the processed ear, you need to put a cotton ball and leave it there for the night. A similar procedure should be done with the second one.
  5. It is recommended to repeat everything the next evening.

Knowing how to properly clean your ear, a personwill protect itself not only from mechanical damage, but also from the accumulation of sulfur. So, the otolaryngologists believe that wadded disks or tampons are bad helpers in carrying out this procedure. It is better to wash your ears while taking a bath or shower. After that, the ideal moment for cleaning comes, because the auricle in this case is maximally moistened.

Speaking about how to properly clean the ear, it should be mentioned that cotton buds are quite dangerous in terms of trauma. You can not only damage the auricle, but also carry the infection.

If someone advised you to take advantage ofstilettos, needles or toothpicks, do not adhere to these recommendations at all! The risk of infection and damage to the ear canal is too high.

how to properly clean the child's ears

Many experts raise questions about the fact thatcotton wands are not recommended for cleaning the ears from sulfur. They contribute to the shift of sulfur to the eardrum, so the risk of slugs increases. So how to properly clean your ear, according to experts?

First of all, you should stick to your personalhygiene. Nature has provided a process of natural purification by moving sulfur. You just need to help a little: the index finger is slow (movements are made from side to side) and carefully remove sulfur, dust and dead cells.

how to clean your ears
A very important question that interests all mothers:how to properly clean the ears of a child? First of all, you should abandon the cotton buds. The newborn is best to clean the ears with gauze flagella approximately every 10 days, preferably after bathing. Make sure that the hearing aid is not excessively moistened. To do this, you can take small pieces of cotton wool and put them in the ears after bathing for several minutes.

If you think that the baby has a sulfuricyou can not try to remove it yourself. You should immediately seek the advice of a specialist who correctly removes it, if any one was formed.

Do not forget that frequent procedureson cleaning the ears can damage the hearing aid, and sulfur is not dirt. Therefore, it is not recommended to remove it permanently. It is important not to run the process so that it is not too much.