Lassara paste - description of the preparation

Skin diseases are hard to treat, and everyyear scientists are developing a lot of medicines. Lassar paste was developed by German dermatologist Oscar Lassar. He opened his private clinic in Berlin and received patients who had various skin conditions. As the main method of treatment, a special paste was used, which gave an astounding result. Lassar paste had a drying and anti-inflammatory effect, favorably affected the skin, with virtually no side effects.
Currently, Lassara paste is widely used and is prescribed by dermatologists. It is used not only as an independent tool, but also as a component of a single course of treatment.
Lassara paste is thickhomogeneous mass. The composition of the drug can be found: zinc oxide, petrolatum, wheat starch, salicylic acid. At the very beginning of the development phase, the remedy was a kind of mixture of zinc oxide, starch and petrolatum. In the following, the German dermatologist suggested including salicylic acid in the composition to obtain the maximum effect. It was also proposed to replace starch with a special inorganic powder (talc).

Pasta Lassara - application

Lassar paste is used externally. Indications for use are:
1. Presence of pressure sores.
2. Open wounds on the skin surface.
3. Some types of allergic reactions.
4. Acne.
5. Damage to the skin.
Pasta has antiseptic, that is disinfecting action.

Perfectly dries out skin areas, eliminates bacteria and promotes rapid healing. That's why Lassar's paste is so popular with acne.
Method of application: it is necessary to apply the drug to pressure sores, open wound surfaces and affected skin areas with a thin layer from one to two times a day, depending on the degree of damage.
Amazing is the fact that Lassar paste does not havecontraindications and side effects. Perfectly interacts with other drugs in the complex treatment. Not contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. Has no age restrictions.

The drug is produced in vials of dark glass, with a dosage of fifty grams.
The formulation contains the necessaryamount: zinc oxide twelve and a half grams, salicylic acid one gram, starch twelve and a half grams and fifty grams of Vaseline. Keep the drug so that it does not lose its chemical and physical qualities necessary in a dry, protected from light penetration place.

An obligatory prescription and special precaution is the consultation of a specialist. After all, only he can advise a truly effective remedy in every individual case.

Feedback on this drugpositive. The area of ​​application of the paste is very wide. The medicinal preparation is suitable not only for the treatment of pressure ulcers and open wounds, but also favorably affects various areas of inflamed skin. Helps in the fight against acne, disinfects and dries the skin, eliminates traces and redness. The use of the drug for the treatment of allergic reactions is only suitable after consulting a doctor. After all, in some cases, the paste can have only a moisturizing effect, without bringing the proper therapeutic effect. For the treatment of allergies, it is necessary to use drugs that are stronger in their composition, including internal ones.

Pasta Lassara can have a positive effectin the event that an appropriate diagnosis of the disease and the causes of its occurrence are established. Only then the preparation in the complex treatment is able to have an amazing result, to get rid of the problems that arose on the surface of the skin and restore the beautiful look and self-confidence.