What are the signs of thrush in women?

At least once in life, every womanfaces thrush. The scientific name of the disease is candidiasis. It happens not only in women, but also in men, and even in newborn children.

Signs of thrush in women

Normally fungus candida is present in a smallamount in the body of each person. Under the influence of various factors (infection, reduced immunity, intake of antibiotics, etc.), its quantity may increase, which leads to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, everyone should know the symptoms of thrush in women and not only. This will allow you to consult a doctor on time and begin timely treatment. Despite the relative harmlessness of the disease, in neglected condition it can lead to very bad consequences.

What are the signs of thrush in women?Treatment will depend on what kind of discharge you have. But remember, a complete picture can only give a laboratory analysis that accurately determines the quality of microflora and the number of different microorganisms. After him, the doctor will prescribe a scheme for taking medications. Do not self-medicate.

Signs of yeast infection in women

Symptoms of thrush in women often come down tothe appearance of white curdled discharge. But the problem is that similar symptoms can be in other diseases. That's why the analyzes are so important. Often candidiasis appears because of a decrease in immunity, and therefore neighbors with other infections.

Another symptom is itching and burning.They arise during sexual intercourse or more often after urination. Urine, getting on the labia, irritates the mucous membranes, and this causes a tangible discomfort. In a state of rest, the vulva region may also be red and inflamed. It happens with a candid form of candidiasis. In the future, signs of thrush in women are manifested in the form of redness of the external genitalia and the appearance of rashes - small bubbles with fluid. At this stage, the itching becomes worse and can lead to insomnia and neurosis. Sometimes vaginal discharge is gray or yellow, with an unpleasant odor.

Symptoms of thrush in women photos
Symptoms of thrush in women, as already mentioned,can apply to other infections. In any case, despite their seeming harmlessness, untimely treatment leads to the development of a chronic disease. This can lead to infertility. When candidiasis is started, it is impossible to completely cure, you can only remove the symptoms. In this case, the disease can manifest itself not only on the genitals, but also in the oral cavity, intestines, stomach, esophagus. It can be the cause of cystitis, dandruff, allergic reactions, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It often occurs during pregnancy and in most cases is transmitted to a newborn baby. That's why you should never neglect a visit to a doctor. Any disease is easier to cure at the initial stage. At the reception of a specialist, you can thoroughly study all the signs of thrush in women, photos and printed materials on the topic, and most importantly - in time to begin the correct treatment.