Yellow fever and what it is dangerous for

There are diseases that areincurable. Of course, without them, the world would only get better, but reality is sometimes very, very cruel. In this case, we are not talking about some birth defects, namely, diseases that a person can pick up accidentally. So to speak, by chance. Sometimes it happens that one moment solves the outcome of all life, because the acquired infection can spoil everything and immediately, cross out fate and deprive the possibility of a normal existence.

What is yellow fever?

This is a very insidious and incurable disease. It is also known as West Nile fever. The most common in South America, as well as in Africa. Approximately sixty percent of all cases of yellow fever leads to death. It is transmitted, as a rule, by mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

What are its signs and why is it so dangerous?

There are two types:

- a jungle fever;

- a city fever.

From jungle fever, for the most part, sufferthose young people who work in the jungle in logging. Outbreaks of the epidemic are not typical for her at all. In addition to mosquitoes and mosquitoes, it can carry a variety of wild animals. Urban fever is characterized by epidemics, since in this case, the source of infection can act and the person himself. It spreads very quickly and takes many lives.

Yellow fever has an incubation period that can last for four or even six days. The first symptoms are as follows:

- a sharp increase in body temperature;

- Muscle pain that does not give rest;

- delirium;

- nausea and vomiting;

- severe chills;

- headache.

Also there are such symptoms as photophobiaand copious lacrimation. The high temperature can not drop until ten days. Changing the color and condition of the skin of the neck, face, and shoulders. Also at this stage, the tongue and mucous mouth become bright scarlet, organs such as the spleen and liver are enlarged.

In the subsequent stage, which lasts from oneup to two days, the infected person becomes much better: the fever subsides, and all other symptoms gradually begin to disappear. It is possible that she will not return, but this does not always happen. Often after relief, fever returns in heavier form. Hepatic failure begins, bloody vomiting, internal bleeding occurs. Death can come within seven to nine days after the return of the symptoms. Usually, it is caused by renal or hepatic insufficiency. It can also occur due to an infectious-toxic shock.

A person who suffers from yellow fever,must be hospitalized and placed in quarantine. He is administered antiviral and symptomatic drugs, as well as many vitamins. As a matter of fact, the medicine for yellow fever does not exist, and during the whole treatment the doctors are struggling not with the infection itself, but only with its symptoms (hepatic insufficiency and others). Doctors constantly have to treat one thing, then another. Yellow fever can not be cured completely, but the body suffers from it very much. Those who still managed to overcome all the main symptoms can develop such unpleasant consequences as gangrene, pneumonia, sepsis, and many others. These consequences can occur both immediately and after a few years.

Yellow fever: Inoculation

The best means of prevention in this casewill be vaccinated. Thanks to it, the body gets the opportunity to develop a certain immunity, with which the yellow fever will not be scary to him, in just one week. The vaccine is actually very effective and allows you to protect yourself for about six to seven years.