Treatment of an allergic cough in children

Allergic cough: symptoms

The health of a child depends on many factors. And recently, very often parents face such a phenomenon as an allergic cough, the causes of which can be very different. In most cases, it is very difficult to diagnose: an allergy, a cough with which can direct a doctor on a false path, will lead to the fact that the prescribed treatment will not bring the expected effect. You can distinguish the symptoms of whooping cough and bronchitis from an allergic cough, but only by observing what surrounds the child: how the symptom is manifested, what factors affect the intensity, what the nature of the manifestations. If there is no temperature and sputum, as well as pain in the chest, but the child from childhood is located to the manifestation of diathesis, then we can say that this is an allergic cough. The resources of a small organism are still small. And the load on the liver (for its detoxification function) can give symptoms characteristic of an allergic cough. Constant attacks exhaust the child, he begins to complain about the lack of air and constant saddening in the throat. To alleviate the condition of the baby, it is necessary to seek the advice of an allergist as soon as possible (to conduct tests for irritants, after which the complex treatment of an allergic cough will be prescribed).

treatment of an allergic cough

Causes of allergic cough

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If a child has a reaction to hair and salivaanimals, then constant contact with them will cause relapses: even being under one roof can trigger an attack of an allergic cough, bringing the child anguish. In addition to pets, allergic manifestations can give a dream on a down pillow, so it is better to replace it with a synthetic pillow. The allergy is seasonal, so the child's reaction to a long stay in a closed space, for example, in the winter, will give an intense symptomatology. In summer, an allergy to plant blooming is possible. If the attack is stopped with antihistamines, then it is urgent to begin treatment of an allergic cough.

What will the process be like?

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Always treating an allergic cough shouldbegin with an allergic test (to further isolate the stimuli from the child). Not only food products can give a reaction, but also the dust that accumulates in the bed linen, carpets. Therefore, a constant wet cleaning is one of the conditions for alleviating the condition of a sick child. At full-time examination, the allergist prescribes a regimen of treatment with antihistamine drugs with fortifying agents. At the same time, the child needs a gentle diet, relieving the load on the liver, because it is known that it is responsible for neutralizing all harmful substances entering the body. In the treatment of an allergic cough includes regular walks in the fresh air, mandatory sanitation and ventilation of the living quarters. It is best to remove pets from the apartment, since with the presence of an allergy to the wool itself, the disease will never pass. Only strict adherence to the advice of a doctor will help to alleviate the condition of the child and minimize the manifestations of an allergic cough.