All kinds of remedies for toothache

No wonder they say that there is nothing worse than a toothache.Everyone sooner or later was convinced of the reliability of these simple words. Toothache can be caused by various reasons. But in each of these cases without a visit to the dentist simply can not do.

Let's try to understand the causes of toothache.

The main causes of tenderness of teeth.

  1. Caries is a disease dentists diagnose when it comes to the defect of hard tooth tissues.
  2. Parodontosis is a disease not of the teeth themselves, but of the peri-toothed tissues. This causes inflammation of the gums and bone tissue dystrophy. Periodontal disease is dangerous because it causes loosening of teeth.
  3. Gingivitis is another disease accompanied by inflammation of the gums.
  4. Increased sensitivity of teeth - it can be practically independently diagnosed, because painful sensations arise when taking different foods: marinated, acidic, etc.
  5. Infections in the mouth.

Self-diagnosis is quite a complicated matter, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists.

In life, a lot of situations in which a person turns out. At the wrong time, teeth begin to hurt. Most people know that it helps with toothache. And for those who do not know, here's the list.

Folk remedies for toothache:

  1. A sheet of sorrel, valerian (one of the available) is placed between the diseased tooth and cheek. After a while, the pain should subside.
  2. Rinse with a solution of baking soda.
  3. A piece of fat between the aching tooth and cheek can dull the pain for a while.
  4. The plantain root is applied for half an hour to relieve the toothache.
  5. Grate a garlic clove, wrap in gauze or a handkerchief. Tie the resulting remedy to the wrist of the hand on whose side the tooth hurts.
  6. Everyone has an acupuncture point that canremove for a while the pain. It is between the nose and the upper lip. With your index finger, you have to press it painfully. Dental discomfort should go away.

Medical remedies for toothache:

  1. Analgin.
  2. Aspirin (mistakenly apply this remedy on the tooth - can cause a burn). Only the reception inside.
  3. But-shpa.
  4. Ibuprofen.
  5. Pentalgin.
  6. Any analgesic.

When you receive and use any remedy for dental pain, folk or medical, you need a visit to the doctor. Toothache can be removed for a while on its own. Cure yourself can not.

Prophylactic against toothache.

Most people who suffer from periodontal disease and gingivitis know the name of their problem. It does not pass at one time and has the property of accompanying a person all his life.

When periodontitis is recommended before going to bed rinse for 3 minutes with warm sesame oil. After rinsing, massage with the index finger of the gums is necessary.

With gingivitis - rinse with a solution of 0.5% sodium bicarbonate or water infusions of the root of oak, sage, St. John's wort. Infusion can be prepared by yourself.

For 1 glass of steep boiling water, 1 tablespoon of herbs or leaves is brewed. Infusion should be cooled and rinsed.

The best remedies for toothache at increasedsensitivity of teeth is a limitation. Limit yourself to the use of pickled, spicy foods, citrus fruits and all those that can cause pain.

Particular concern is the question of when there is a strong toothache, what should a pregnant woman do?

There is an opinion that in no event in thisan interesting situation you can not do anesthesia. Opinion is ambiguous. In fact, in a number of cases, anesthesia (even local) can be dangerous for maintaining pregnancy. Therefore, with toothache only to experienced doctors for advice.

Usually during pregnancy, the body itselfa woman is weakened, so he may be prone to infections. The most common case of a pregnant woman's toothache is pulpitis. Pulpitis is a signal of infection. Any infection is dangerous to the health of the developing organism. Therefore, treatment is compulsory.

Pain can be soothed in this situation by folk remedies and not delayed with a visit to the doctor.