Herb heart - five-lobed motherwort: useful properties and contraindications

Motherwort. Useful properties and contraindications
The similarity of the apical leaves of this perenniala herbaceous plant with the tip of the lion's tail was noticed by the ancient Romans. They called it the lion's tail (Leonúrus). It grows in desert garbage places, hence the Russian name - motherwort. Distinctive features - tetrahedral stem, at the top of which the leaves are trifid, at the bottom - five-sectioned to half their length. Many motherworts are called cardiac grass. And this name is given to him not without reason. There are reports that as a cardiac remedy in the XV century used motherwort. Useful properties and contraindications of plants are described in ancient and modern herbalists. Motherwort enters into the phytosbores, from it is prepared an alcohol tincture, they are released in the form of tablets made of dry thoroughly crushed raw materials. Official medicine also recognizes as a medicine motherwort.

Motherwort. How to use
Useful properties and contraindications

Glycosides, alkaloids of low toxicity (leonuridine,leonurin), tannins, flavonoids (vitamin P, hyperoside, cosmosin, quercitrin, quinqueloside, glucoramnoside and others), saponins, anthocyanins, vitamins A, C, E contains a plant. The chemical composition and properties of the motherwort continue to be studied. Phytotherapists offer new medicinal fees, which include a motherwort. Useful properties and contraindications of this plant are associated primarily with its sedative (calming) effect (it is stronger than drugs from the valerian root) and hypotensive effect (lowers blood pressure, heart beat slows down). Therefore, preparations motherwort can not be used when:
- the person in the work needs concentration of attention and a quick reaction to the change of actions;
- there is hypotension (low blood pressure) or bradycardia (delayed heart rate).
Motherwort's Properties

The medicinal substances of the plant increaseurination, stop colic in the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen menstruation, help with epilepsy, neuralgia, neurasthenia, hysteria, widespread vegetovascular dystonia, have a hypnotic effect (without getting used to the drug), reduce the headache. The hypotensive and sedative effect of the motherwort preparations manifests itself in three regular intervals. As a rule, the bitter motherwort acts, though slowly, but in the right direction. In pediatric practice with neuroses, neurasthenia and increased excitability, a restless child may be assigned to a motherwort. Useful properties and contraindications are always taken into account by the attending physician. Possible individual intolerance to motherwort preparations, but in very rare cases.

Five-parted leaves in the lower part of the motherwort's stem

What is used and how to take

For the treatment we need grass - the leafy tops inthe period of full flowering in July-August. From them at home make infusion. Brewed 4 tbsp. l. herbs freshly (or dry 1 tbsp.) with a glass of boiling water, first 15 minutes, heat the infusion on a water bath in a container under the lid, then give 45 minutes to infuse, filter - almost a glass of infusion is ready for use. This portion is enough for a day, if you divide it into 3 parts. You need to drink an hour before eating. You can buy ready-made pharmacy tincture "Shepherd". How to take this medication is indicated in the annotation to it, the dosage usually depends on the age.