Dental pain pills

Toothache is an extremely unpleasant sensation,which has been experienced by each of us. It often arises suddenly and sometimes it can not be tolerated. However, in this situation, not everyone can immediately seek help from the dentist. In this case, to help us come with a pill of toothache.

Are there any drugs that are recommendedto take in order to rejoice lives and get rid of extremely unpleasant sensations? The most popular toothache pills are "Analgin", "Baralgin", and also "Nurofen" and "Dexalgin". These drugs also have the ability to remove inflammatory processes. Before you begin using them, it is recommended that you study the instructions in advance.

A great helper for getting rid of dentalpain is "Beralgin." However, its use is contraindicated in patients with liver disease, as well as violations of kidney function and asthma. It is not recommended to use it for women in the period when they expect the birth of a child, and children under fifteen. One-time administration should not exceed two tablets, and within a day their dosage is limited to six.

Thirty minutes after eating, startits action of a tablet from a toothache, which are called "Ketanov". Initially take one piece. The effect lasts for six hours. When you return a strong toothache is recommended that you use an additional tablet. This amount should be limited to the use of this drug. Tablet "Ketanov" can also be put on the tooth, which hurts. Contraindications to this drug are similar to those warned when using "Beralgin."

Dental pain pills, which are additionallythey can remove swelling - this is Nurofen. However, this drug also has undesirable reactions, and its use can cause side effects. Therefore, before receiving it is mandatory to become familiar with his instructions.

Starts acting in thirty minutes andmanifests its effect for five hours, the drug "Dexalgin." However, its administration is not recommended if the pain is severe enough. It is forbidden to use it for children, pregnant women, patients with asthma, people of advanced age and suffering from stomach diseases. A side effect of the use of these pills may be an allergic reaction.

Getting rid of a weak toothache can bring"Analgin". Its use is also fraught with unwanted side effects and has its limitations. In addition to all this, "Analgin" can cause destruction of the tooth enamel to which it is attached.

Dental pain medications that are testedmany years of experience - these are the remedies recommended by folk medicine and homeopathic medicines. Their use is safer and rarely causes allergies. In pharmacies, you can buy tooth drops, the components of which are herbal ingredients - valerian, camphor and mint oil. The cotton ball moistened with this preparation is applied to the diseased tooth. The procedure is repeated every fifteen minutes until pain is reduced.

What to do if you have a strong toothache, we alsoadvises folk medicine. Rinsing cognac, vodka and other strong enough drink can dull the unpleasant sensation. For this purpose, the use of a soda solution is also possible. It is prepared by calculating one teaspoon of a product dissolved in two hundred grams of water. Remarkable ability to remove the pain and has an aqueous solution, which includes salt, as well as ammonia and camphor alcohol.

Can remove inflammatory processes of oilcarnations. To a sick tooth, you can apply a natural propolis, heated up to seventy degrees. Widely used for pain relief decoction of oregano, peppermint and St. John's wort.