How to remove tartar at home and is it possible to do this?

The formation of tartar is a problem familiarmany. Most people avoid visiting the dentist, while there is no acute pain, so many are interested in how to remove tartar at home.

Any qualified doctor will say that it is not possible to do it yourself.

How to remove tartar at home
For all the apparent simplicity, this procedure is quitenot simple: most of the hard dental deposits are hidden under the gums. Finding and removing them is quite a difficult task even for a dentist who has a special tool and medical experience and is absolutely impossible for an ordinary person who, apparently, is going to remove them himself.

Philistines who try to remove superficialplaque, do not even suspect the existence of deep subgingival deposits, and in fact they cause the destruction and atrophy of bone tissue, resulting in teeth loosening and drop out even in people of a fairly young age.

Is it worth removing tartar at home

Information on how to remove tartar inhome conditions, if you want to find, of course, you can: many recipes go to the people. Many of them include a component such as citric acid, by which they expect to soften the hard plaque to remove it with a toothbrush. This method, first, is useless. Secondly, the acid flushes calcium from the enamel, from this it becomes porous, the tooth begins to react to temperature and mechanical stimuli.

How to remove plaque
Tartar is a very strong formation,including calcium salts, which can only dissolve from the effects of very strong acids, but together with a hard coating, tooth enamel, which is also mineralized by calcium, also collapses. Thus, it is impossible to remove solid deposits efficiently and without damage to the teeth.

Instead of looking for recipes that tell howremove tartar at home, it is better to go to a polyclinic. After providing expert care, the doctor will tell you which toothpaste should be used to prevent the rapid formation of plaque. Correct and regular oral care, the use of a suitable paste and other hygiene products will allow for a long time to do without professional teeth cleaning.

How to remove plaque in a polyclinic

Qualified removal of tartaris carried out in several ways. The oldest, which is rarely, but still used, is the removal of solid deposits with the help of curettes. This hand tool has sharp edges that scrape off plaque. This method is considered quite painful, as it damages the gums. Gradually, it is replaced by more efficient modern technologies.

Remove tartar
So, with sandblasting through the tipwater, air and soda at high pressure. Particles of sodium bicarbonate, moving at high speed, knock down small dental deposits. In the presence of large deposits, this method is not suitable.

Qualitatively and painlessly you can remove dentalstone with the help of ultrasonic equipment. These devices are called scalers. Inside the motor, which causes the tip of the tip to make oscillations of the ultrasonic frequency, is installed. Under the influence of vibrations, the attachment of a hard plaque to the teeth is destroyed. At the same time, water is always supplied to the nozzle for cooling and flushing out solid fragments from the periodontal pockets. After removing large deposits with a special paste and brush is polished, which allows you to remove microscopic particles.


Do not look for information on how to removetartar at home. Professional assistance will be cheaper than long-term treatment of periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss and denture.