Allergy: treatment in children, as well as the causes of the appearance of pathology

The most common and unpleasant diseasein the modern world is an allergy. Treatment in children of this pathology has its own characteristics. However, first you need to understand the causes of its appearance and the symptoms in which it manifests itself.

allergy in a child what to do
So, there is a disease under the influence ofcertain allergens: dust, pollen, food, poplar fluff, animal hair, feathers of birds. The immune system begins to react inadequately to these factors, and the body's condition can deteriorate sharply. The reason for this is the excessive production of histamine. It should be noted that our protective system is capable of remembering the allergen and reacting immediately with it again. If an allergy is found, treatment for children of such a disease should be rapid and thorough.

Consider the symptoms of the disease. In principle, each allergen causes different symptoms. For example, the body's reaction to a pathological factor can be red rashes on the body (urticaria), runny nose and constant sneezing, watery eyes, cough, fever and even choking (Quincke's edema).

allergy treatment in children
If an allergy is found, treatment of thispathology should be serious, as it can lead to more complications, for example, to bronchial asthma. In some cases, a fatal outcome may occur.

The most important means of combating suchdisease, as an allergy - treatment. In children it is provided with medicinal and folk remedies. This process is long or permanent. You can not prescribe treatment yourself. Do it only a doctor-allergist. The specialist will necessarily send the baby to all necessary tests, and also collect information about the diseases of the parents. The fact is that the allergy is often inherited.

Allergy in children, the treatment of which shouldperformed according to a certain scheme, is an uneasy pathology. It is eliminated with the help of certain antihistamines. In addition, you should limit the contact of the baby with a dangerous factor. For example, if the child is allergic to dust, you will have to do a wet cleaning daily, and in some cases several times a day. In case of reaction to certain foods, they should be excluded from the diet. Naturally, sometimes it is very difficult to do, but you will have to try.

It is also necessary to strengthen the immune systemthe kid. In this case, you can reduce the manifestation of an allergic reaction. To do this, you should be tempered, eat properly, often be outdoors, and exercise. Naturally, the house should be quiet, so that the baby does not experience stress.

allergy in children treatment

For treatment, you can use ASIT-therapy,which is a "vaccination" of an allergen. You can only spend it after three years. It is also recommended to use sedative herbs that need to be drunk or rinse with their throats. A great option is aromatherapy, but you should choose such oils for which the child does not have a reaction. So, in this article we found out: when there is an allergy in the child, what to do and how to proceed.