Treatment of dental caries with ozone

Dentists spend most of their time givingtreatment of dental caries. This disease is one of the most common. Therapy depends on the form and extent of the disease. At the initial stage of treatment, the inflammatory process is eliminated. Its localization does not allow further destruction of the tooth. Further, the cleaning of the tooth canals, "hollows", followed by sealing.

In the recent past, dental caries treatment is notdid without using a drill. The mere thought of her aroused fear in people. Modern methods of dentistry allow caries to be treated without drilling. For patients who are afraid of drills, a new method has been invented - ozone therapy. This method of treatment is the newest alternative.

Treatment of caries with ozone is a completelypainless and very effective. In modern dental clinics, preference is given to this particular dental caries therapy. The cervix is ​​very sensitive to any manipulation. The treatment of caries (some of its types) causes pain and discomfort in the patient. The use of ozone therapy excludes the appearance of painful sensations.

Features of ozonotherapy

The essence of dental caries treatment with ozone isthe following: ozone itself is a strong oxidizer, it easily penetrates into the affected areas of the tooth without affecting healthy tissues. Treatment with ozone leads to the death of disease-causing bacteria. The substance sterilizes the dental tissues. Ozone also prevents the recurrence of caries.

After medical manipulation, the surface of the enamelstrengthened by a special composition. It is useful to know that ozone therapy is effective not only in the treatment of the initial stage of caries. Ozone is often used for sterilization of the dental cavity after removal of damaged tissues. In addition, they can sterilize the tooth canals before installing the seal.

Undoubtedly, the most successful treatment for cariesis at the initial stages of the disease. In this case, there is no need to make a seal. A sufficient action is the remineralization of tooth enamel.

Treatment of tooth caries with ozone in modernDentistry is carried out with the help of a special device HealOzone of German production. The essence of the treatment is the generation of ozone by the device. Using a tip with a silicone nozzle, it is fed to the cavity of the damaged tooth. The component kills harmful bacteria that contribute to destruction. The procedure has several advantages, namely:

1. Absence of allergic manifestations.

2. Complete sterilization of the tooth.

3. The speed of the procedure. The process of treatment takes no more than half a minute.

A big plus in ozone treatment is thatpatients prone to allergies may not be afraid of this method. During the procedure, ozone is not released into the environment. Therefore, the device does not pollute the atmosphere. The patient does not experience any discomfort during the procedure due to the speed of the process.

With the help of the device, successful treatmentcaries of teeth in the stage of stain, caries of the initial, as well as fissure caries. Ozone is also often used to treat medium and deep caries. Due to the effect of ozone, pathogenic microscopic organisms, fungal damage and viruses are effectively destroyed.

Discussing the treatment of dental caries (its methods), one should not forget about the measures of disease prevention. Prevention is to follow certain recommendations:

- balanced diet;

- hygiene of the oral cavity (cleaning of teeth after eating, application of an irrigator);

- visiting the dentist at least once every six months;

- adherence to diet, work and rest;

- Fissure sealing (preferably in childhood);

- use of drugs with calcium.

It should be remembered always: the disease is easier to prevent than treat.