Symptoms of a split personality

There are many mental disorders, owhich we do not know more from real life, but from films, books and everything else, where an exciting plot and intrigue is required. Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, psychosis is all about which we are perfectly aware, but all our knowledge in this area is very, very fragmented. There are a lot of sources, but it's not clear who to believe. Can anyone at once take and say what are the symptoms of a split personality? Of course not. But this is the real thing, not a fictitious disease, from which no one is immune.

The Difference of the Personality: what is it?

Let's look at the very basics of psychology: man is a creature and biological and social at the same time. From the biological point of view, he is an individual, and from the point of view of social - a person. Personality rights formed over the years. It is influenced by empirical experience, acquired knowledge, transferred stresses, social circle and much more. Personality is understood as something stable, which can only change after a sufficient amount of time or under the influence of some strong external factors.

Of course, even every healthy personconstantly feels some kind of inner contradiction - without this there is no such thing. True, such a contradiction does not force it to change radically and become completely different, since such changes are already symptoms of a split personality.

Just note that the split personality is notrefers to very rare diseases. The essence of it is that there are several persons inside the person who are constantly in conflict with each other, because each of them wants something of his own. For the time being, they are under control, but one day there may be a breakdown in the psyche, because of which these individuals will begin to live their own lives.

Symptoms of a split personality may appear inany age. As a rule, the cause of this disease is some serious injury, both physical and mental. Often, a split personality leads to severe shocks that occurred in early childhood. Perhaps a person already does not remember them, but they still left an indelible imprint on his psyche.

Speaking of mental trauma, it is necessary to dothe emphasis is on the fact that reason can create additional personalities precisely in order to block oneself from negative memories. Judge for yourself: something bad happened to a person - it means that it happened with his personality. He can try to convince himself that this was not and thereby mislead his brain about what is real and what is fiction. Gradually, a person is formed, with which nothing happened. It is not excluded that it will become dominant. In the event that both persons are strong, big problems can begin.

Symptoms of a split personality

The person exposed to this disease is extremelyunbalanced, he often loses touch with reality and may not understand what is going on around him. Doubles in memory are characteristic of a split personality, which can be very large. Patients in this case suffer from insomnia, they are constantly sweating, their headaches are very strong.

It is also worth noting that they are rarely ablelogically reason and realize what is really sick. A person who suffers from a split personality can laugh and enjoy life, and within a minute he will want to cry sitting in the corner. Patients have conflicting feelings for themselves, others and everything else that exists in our world.

Split personality: treatment

For treatment, clinical hypnosis or therapy can be used. Split personality is still a poorly understood disease, from which there is no reliable medicine.