Obsidan: instructions for use

Obsidan is a beta-1 and beta-2 adrenoblocker. It has antihypertensive, anti-anginal and antiarrhythmic properties.

The medicine "Obsidan". Instructions for use: indications

The drug is prescribed to patients who have the following problems:

• sinus tachycardia;

• Stenocardia of tension;

• ventricular extrasystole;

Atrial tachyarrhythmia;

• migraine;

• supraventricular tachycardia;

• myocardial infarction;

• unstable angina;

• sympathetic-adrenal crises, which appeared due to the diencephalic syndrome;

• arterial hypertension;

• an essential tremor;

• supraventricular extrasystole.

In any case, before taking, you must first consult with your doctor, and only then start using it.

The drug "Obsidan". Instructions for use: contraindications

Before starting treatment with this medication, you should read the contraindications. If you have been banned from Obsidan, then it is better not to use it.

Contraindications include the following cases:

• heart failure;

• arterial hypotension;

• Lactation period;

• myocardial infarction;

• cardiogenic shock;

• weakness of the sinus node;

• bronchial asthma;

• Prinzmetal angina;

• predisposition to bronchospastic reactions;

• spastic colitis;

• increased sensitivity to the drug;

• pulmonary edema;

• sinus bradycardia;

• AV blockade of the second and third degree;

• obstructive pulmonary disease;

• vasomotor rhinitis;

• simultaneous reception with anxiolytics and antipsychotic drugs;

• diabetes;

• pheochromocytoma;

• cardiomegaly;

• uncontrolled heart failure, in chronic form;

• simultaneous administration of the drug with MAO inhibitors;

• metabolic acidosis;

• Sinoatrial blockade.

If you suffer from any ailment from this list, do not take this medicine.

Pregnancy and lactemia

You can take Obsidan during pregnancy. But only when the alleged benefit to the patient exceeds the possible risk to her fetus.

Medicinal preparation "Obsidan". Instructions for use: overdose

If you abuse the drug, then it is possible to develop various health problems.

Symptoms of overdose are:

• Arrhythmia;

• cyanosis;

• cardiac arrest;

• a bradycardia;

• Reduction of blood pressure;

• fainting;

• labored breathing;

• dizziness;

• convulsions.

Medication "Obsidan". Instructions for use: side effects

Side effects of the drug quite a lot. Before admission, a compulsory medical consultation is necessary. Do not take Obsidan if it is contraindicated to you. Also, do not use it in combination with other medicines, since such a mixture can have a detrimental effect.

Side effects are divided into groups.

The cardiovascular system:

• sinus bradycardia;

• chest pain;

• Arrhythmia;

• palpitations;

• AV blockade;

• disturbance of conduction in the myocardium;

• Orthostatic hypotension;

• spasm in the peripheral arteries;

• cold extremities;

• heart failure;

• Decreased blood pressure.

Digestive system:

• impaired liver function;

• nausea;

• diarrhea;

• pain in the epigastric region;

• change of taste;

• constipation;

• vomiting;

• dry mouth.


• insomnia;

• increased fatigue;

• asthenic syndrome;

• nightmarish dreams;

• decreased ability to react quickly;

• Short-term memory loss;

• paresthesia;

• drowsiness;

• Excitation;

• headache;

• hallucinations;

Confusion of consciousness;

• weakness;

• Depression;

• dizziness.

Respiratory system:

• rhinitis;


• stuffiness in the nose;

• Shortness of breath.

Dermatological reactions:

• exacerbation of psoriasis;

• alopecia;

• exanthema;

• increased sweating;

• skin hyperemia;

Do not risk your health, do not get treatment without consulting a specialist.