On how to remove tartar at home

How at home to remove tartar?This question is asked repeatedly by many people who have this problem. Dental calculus in the oral cavity is a common phenomenon. It is formed as a result of the accumulation of bacteria, food and acid residues. If it is not destroyed for a long time, it hardens, damaging the tooth, contributing to the development of the first stages of caries, in addition, causes rotten odor from the mouth. Dental stone usually affects not one tooth, but several, covers the yellowish solid layer with gaps between them, thereby causing bleeding gums.

Yellow plaque of tartar, if it is already quite firmly settled in the mouth, can be seen with the naked eye.

how to remove tartar at home
Therefore, some solve the problem of how to remove tartar in the mouth, with improvised means:scissors, tweezers, a nail file and other hard and sharp objects. Perhaps they partially succeed, but the bacteria still remain, and eventually form a new plaque. Therefore, it is better to seek qualified help from a dentist or use less traumatic means.

Why is a stone formed on the teeth?

Many people ask why it is formed and how to remove tartar at home. It is formed from improper dental care.This may be an irregular or insufficient cleansing of the teeth. But most often stones settle in hard to reach bristles of the toothbrush places. There accumulate bacteria, dead cells. There are two types of tartar: the first, which is located at the gum and the second - under the gum at the base of the tooth. The first view can be seen most in the mirror, and the second can only be seen by a specialist. The tartar under the gum has a dark, greenish tinge,

to remove tartar at home
if it is not cleaned, teeth can stagger, gums bleed, and then do not avoid paradontitis.

Completely remove the stones can only the dentist withusing special attachments, but soften them and gently scrape off and you can. There are several ways to remove tartar at home. Your attention is presented to several recommendations that will help improve the condition of your teeth.

Folk ways to restore health to the teeth

The first way will tell you how to remove tartar at home. To do this, take 20 g of honey, dissolve it inone glass of boiled water, preferably warm. With this honey solution, rinse your mouth daily before going to bed. In this way we continue to be treated for three months.

The second way should also help.Take about 40 g of bark of the branches of the nut, crush and pour into a saucepan. All this mixture must be poured with one glass of water and heated on low heat for 15 minutes. We filter the solution and brush our teeth twice a day for five minutes, moistening the brush in this infusion.

The third method will describe how to remove tartar at home, if it appeared recently. The broth of the horsetail will help you.

how to remove tartar
Take a spoon of chopped grass, pouredA glass of boiling water, then boiled over low heat for 15 minutes. The third part of the glass of this healing infusion is consumed twice a day. Treated in this way need at least three weeks.

And the fourth way.Black radish rubbed on the grater, add a couple drops of lemon juice and mix. Before going to bed every day, take a spoonful of the resulting mixture in the mouth, thoroughly and longly chew, biting all the teeth. These natural products well cope with stones, soften them.

But all the above means are good onlyat the initial stage of the formation of stones. This means that a regular trip to the dentist (every six months) will prevent similar problems, and the specialist will correct your tooth enamel.