DHEA sulfate

DHEA sulfate (dehydroepiandronronone) ispolyfunctional steroid hormone. It affects androgen receptors. DHEA sulfate is considered one of the main steroid hormones. Despite its relatively small androgenic activity, it is biochemically transformed into progesterone, testosterone, corticosterone and estrogen. In turn, the above hormones participate in a variety of tasks, including those involved in hair growth, metabolic processes, sexual functions, and so on. The level of hormone content is determined by the index of androgenic-synthetic adrenal activity. Dehydroepiandroneuron does not show pronounced diurnal fluctuations and has a low clearance rate.

With age, the production of hormones decreases. This also applies to dehydroepiandronronone.

Based on the level of DHEA sulfate in blood accuratelythe human age is determined. The peak content of the hormone in the body is reached in twenty years. By the age of seventy, his level could drop to 90%. DHEA sulfate is produced in the adrenal glands. It should be noted that the decrease in hormone levels is less intense in women. This can explain their longer life expectancy.

DHEA sulfate, in addition to participating in the production of estrogen and testosterone, helps the immune system maintain its protective properties.

Stress provokes an increase in adrenaline andcortisol. At the same time the level of DHEA sulfate is lowered. The low content of the hormone causes the development of various diseases, which include heart diseases and cancer.

The increased content of dehydroepiandronrononeprovokes weight loss without disturbance of appetite. This is due to the normalization of the metabolic process. However, an increase in the level of dehydroepiandroneuron detected in the analysis of serum can indicate the presence of a tumor in the adrenal cortex, ectopic tumors or androgenital syndrome. In addition, DHEA sulfate may be increased in the development of pathologies such as Cushing's disease, hirsutism in women, polycystic ovary syndrome.

DHEA sulfate during pregnancy precedes the synthesis of placental estrogens.

According to a number of experts, the use ofcontaining dehydroepiandronone additives can significantly reduce cholesterol, get rid of excess weight, increase muscle mass. There is also evidence that the use of dehydroepiandronronone helps slow the aging process. However, along with this, there are no results of a long-term study of the safety of its use. It should be noted that in many cases the use of dehydroepiandronone is contraindicated. Overdose can provoke cancer, including, and prostate cancer. Do not self-prescribe drugs containing dehydroepiandronron. Medical consultation and analysis of the content of other hormones is necessary.

According to some experts, the receptiondehydroepiandrone sterone is able to improve well-being, a sense of satisfaction with life, a sharpness of thought and memory, and increase energy. However, today there are no unequivocally positive data, which approve of its daily use (especially by women in the climacteric period). There are data revealed during experiments on animals, on the negative effects of hormone-containing supplements on the liver. Some studies with long-term admission of dehydroepiandronronone show an increased risk of cancer in women.

All of the above should be taken into account when prescribing drugs that contain hormone.