Kalina from pressure: a recipe for medicines

With the development of medicine, people started more and moreforget about what can be treated and with the help of the usual for all plants. Here you just need to know what exactly helps you from what kind of disease, and how to prepare this or that folk medicine correctly.

viburnum from pressure recipe

Berry Viburnum

It should be noted that the viburnum is a universala berry that can help cope with many diseases. So, it is perfectly used in cosmetology, helping women to smooth their complexion and struggle with the problem of acne eruptions, great for treating respiratory diseases: bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, usual cough. It is also wonderful to reduce the pressure of viburnum, it can also be used in preventive measures if colds are possible.

Prevention of hypertension

You can take Kalina in preventive measuresfor those who have the first stage of hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure. At first, it will be enough even for ordinary tea (rubbed berries with sugar), and you can forget about the pressure. It is also good to take such a simple medicine and people who are prone to such a disease.

Treatment: prescription 1

berry calf pressure

However, as a remedy is excellentused viburnum from pressure. The recipe for cooking infusion can be as follows. To do this, you need to grind two tablespoons of berries better in enameled pots, pour them a glass of boiling water. The mixture is heated in a water bath for about 15 minutes. Instead of bathing, you can insist liquid in a dark place, but this procedure will take a little longer - about three hours. Further, everything is filtered, warm boiled water is added in such a volume that the glass with the infusion is complete. It takes such a medicine for a third of a glass three times a day. This is an excellent recipe, where the main ingredient is the viburnum. The pressure after such treatment will soon normalize and will not disturb the person.

Treatment: prescription 2

It is interesting that in completely different waysused viburnum from pressure. The recipe, which will now be disclosed, does not require berries. You will need just the bilberry bark. It will take approximately 10-20 grams of bark, which are filled with a glass of boiling water. The medicine should be boiled over a small fire for about half an hour. After this, everything is filtered. An infusion of one tablespoon is taken 3 times a day.

viburnum reduces pressure

Treatment: prescription 3

Still as it is possible to prepare a medicine in whichwill help the viburnum from pressure? The recipe can be as follows. To make it, you need to stock up 1 kilogram of viburnum berries, which are twisted in a meat grinder. To them add 1 kilogram of honey and a half liter of good real brandy. All ingredients must be mixed well. The medicine is ready for use! Take it you need one tablespoon three times a day, precisely with food. In the shortest possible time, the pressure should be normalized. It is worth noting that the main ingredient here is still the viburnum from the pressure. The recipe includes honey for the health of the whole organism, and cognac acts as a conservator for tincture (for a longer preservation). Instead, you can use both alcohol and vodka (however in other quantities). It is better to do without this ingredient, but then the medicine should be prepared in a much smaller volume.