Phyto-vellum ear - instructions for use. Phyto-vellum ear - reviews, prices

Ear pain can not be tolerated. It permeates a person through and through. If adults can still suffer, then the children can not endure these difficulties. Here, medical aids come to the rescue, one of them is the ear floss.

What kind of tool is this

phytosoles for ear

Ecologically safe, efficient and completelyinoffensive. You can buy it without any difficulties and problems. The first mention of this drug was heard from the mouths of American Indians, residents of the Ancient East and Ancient Rus. It was a very long time ago, treatment with a candle at that time was called "burning the ears". It was believed that the wax can absorb all negative information and release the bioenergetic field of the person from the negative. And at the present time the phytoscomponent has not lost its relevance, thanks to healing properties.

The composition of this preparation is as follows:

  • beeswax;
  • extract of propolis;
  • medicinal herbs;
  • Essential oils (can be any: cinnamon, eucalyptus, mint, lavender and others).

Appearance of the phyto-candle is a cylinder made ofcotton fabric. It is impregnated with all components and has a thermal effect that affects the eardrum and auditory canal. When the candle burns, a vacuum is created, by which dirt and even sulfur fuses are removed.

It is worth remembering the contraindications in the applicationcandles. These include: discharge from the ear in the form of pus, damage to the tympanic membrane, an allergic reaction to the wax and brain diseases.

Effectiveness of the drug

Ear phyto-candles possess the following action:

  • anesthetizing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • warming up;
  • calming;
  • antispasmodic.

When using this drug, ear paincan disappear already on the second day. The noise in the ears disappears, the hearing in ninety percent of patients who use the phyto-ears of the ear improves. Feedback about this testify.

Patients with otalgia will feel relief aftersecond session. And those who suffer from vasomotor rhinitis, can also resort to the help of this drug. Efficiency in this case is about ninety-five percent.

The most important thing is that with such effectivenessphytochemicals do not exert any toxic effect on any organ of the human body. All these characteristics are achieved thanks to the natural ingredients that make up the drug.


 phytospiromus otic reviews

This tool facilitates nasal breathing andimproves hearing. It can be successfully used in the home phytosoles ears. Instructions for use, which is attached to the drug, indicates that it is used for:

  • chronic and acute diseases of the throat, nose, ear. It is used only after the body temperature is normalized;
  • inflammation of the paranasal sinuses: frontal and maxillary sinusitis, suppositories used during remission;
  • the appearance of ear plugs;
  • constant noise in the ears, candles are used only after the diagnosis;
  • hearing loss;
  • Migraine, headache, dizziness, used during painful sensations;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • stress, the procedure should be carried out for two weeks;
  • irritability and nervousness;
  • Do not lie;
  • otosclerosis.

How to use candles

phyto-candy ear instructions for use

It's good if you have an assistant for the procedure. In addition, you will need: a handkerchief or napkin, a glass filled with water, cotton wool, cotton swabs, baby cream and matches.

So, start the treatment using the ear flaps. The instruction is described in detail.

  • The patient lies on his side, his head should not be very high.
  • In the cotton cloth make a cutout for the ear.
  • Do a small massage of the auricle.
  • The lower end of the candle is inserted into the ear sink to the mark.
  • The upper end is ignited.
  • Wait until it burns to the mark.
  • Take the cake from the ear and stew.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the external ear canal.

After the procedure, do not immediately get up. Cover your ear with something warm. Lie down for about fifteen minutes. The head can not be washed for twelve hours. That's the way to treat using the phyto-candlesticks of the ear.

Duration of treatment

phyto candles

Now the conversation will be held about what periodtime will be required in order to cure this or that disease of the ear or nasopharynx. After all, a person will feel relief only if it is properly used by the phytosoles of the ear. Instructions for use - a great hint for this.

  • In the treatment of inflammatory processes that occurin the ear, throat, nose will take five days. The procedure is done once a day. If the disease has a chronic form, the course can last up to ten days. Within a year, no more than three courses should be conducted.
  • Treatment of inflammatory processes occurring in the paranasal sinuses begins only during remission and lasts about two weeks.
  • Noise in the ears, if it is not associated with acute inflammatory processes and cerebral vascular problems, is treated for seven days.
  • Use this drug for stress management is best in the morning. The course lasts about two weeks.

Opinions of people

ear floss candles manual

Of course, it's up to you to decide whether or not to use the ear flaps. Reviews, maybe, help determine.

  • For some, this drug is the only salvage from the common cold, since they have intolerance to antibiotics. For the prevention of diseases, two sessions are conducted - in the spring and in the autumn.
  • Other phyto-suples of the ear have helped during the trip. The child's ear aches. There were no drops, and only a candle was found in the medicine cabinet. We used it according to the instructions, and the baby fell asleep.
  • To some, this remedy helped to restore hearing. Five sessions were enough.
  • Many use phyto-candles even if the tooth becomes ill or the gum has inflamed. Relief occurs immediately after the first session.

A remedy that will come to the rescue both on the road andat work, and at home - these are the phytosoles of the ear. The price does not matter anymore, if something is troubling and hurting, but still it is worth mentioning about it. It is more than available and ranges from twenty-five to one hundred and twenty rubles.