Burning in the abdomen and cutting pains in the stomach: their causes

Burning in the abdomen, or rather in its epigastricregion, is a sign of chronic inflammation of the pancreas. Such painful sensations, called pancreatic colic, can last several days, and their intensity depends on the severity of edema. The feeling of heaviness in the abdominal region with pancreatitis indicates a violation of the digestive process as a result of insufficient production of pancreatic fluid by the inflamed gland. The lack of enzymes and slowing down the function of digesting food provokes heaviness and burning in the stomach, especially after a while after eating.

Burning in the abdomen
Problems with the stomach, as a rule, arise whenulcerative diseases and are characterized by severe cutting pains that are of high intensity and often lead to painful shock. Such symptoms are supplemented by an acidic eructation caused by heartburn. Cutting pains in the stomach are observed with gastritis and are distinguished by the appearance of a metallic taste in the oral cavity. Pains of a spasmodic nature caused by a bacterial infection can last for several days and are accompanied by nausea. With the formation of polyps in the stomach, there is constant nausea, heartburn, bloating, an unpleasant sharp smell from the mouth and an unstable stool.

Cutting pains in the stomach
Gastric pain occurs with such seriouspathologies like gastritis, ulcers, polyps and tumors, therefore at the first painful symptoms it is necessary to undergo examination from a gastroenterologist, oncologist and surgeon.

Cutting pain in the abdomen is itselfa common complaint of both adults and children. Such painful sensations can be provoked by acute appendicitis, which is often complicated by peritonitis. First, the pain appears near the navel, then covers the entire abdominal cavity, then it is localized in the ileum on the right side.

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis are very similarappendicitis, only the pain in this case is given in the back and is shrouded in nature. The disease can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and tension of the abdominal walls, and also cause burning in the abdomen and its swelling.

With acute gastritis, cutting pain is associatedsuch symptoms as eructation, nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite. Often the patient has a fever and severe diarrhea, which indicates the development of intestinal infection.

Cutting pain in abdomen
Sudden resuscitation and burning in the abdomen can occuras a result of a perforated ulcer of the duodenum or stomach, as well as cholecystitis. Self-medication in such cases is unacceptable, since it can lead to the death of the patient. In children, the abdominal tenderness can be provoked by the vital activity of the worms and accompanied by increased or decreased appetite, poor sleep and general malaise. In women, the pains in the lower abdomen can indicate problems in the reproductive system, for example, the formation of follicular cysts. Cutting pains in the early stages of pregnancy are often accompanied by pink bloody discharge, which can prevent spontaneous abortion.

To determine the exact cause of pain in the abdomen, you need the help of a doctor who will conduct an appropriate examination, establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe competent treatment.