Herpetiform dermatitis: causes, symptoms and treatments

Herpetiform dermatitis - prettya common chronic disease, accompanied by the appearance of a characteristic skin rash. Statistical studies have shown that men of the age of 20 to 40 are more likely to have such a disease.

Herpetiform dermatitis and its causes

herpetiform dermatitis photo

Unfortunately, the reasons for the development of such a disease beforethe end has not yet been studied. But to date, there are several basic theories. Some experts are inclined to think that this form of dermatitis is allergic, because in 90% of patients with this diagnosis there is also an increased sensitivity to gluten.

Some researchers associate the development of this chronic disease with infections, since quite often the first exacerbation occurs against the background of an infectious disease, such as influenza or scarlet fever.

In recent years, the theory of the autoimmune nature of this ailment has become increasingly popular.

Herpetiform dermatitis: symptoms and clinical picture

herpetiform dermatitis symptoms

As already mentioned, the disease is chronic- severe exacerbations with appropriate treatment are followed by periods of relative well-being of the body. As a rule, the disease begins with severe itching. Some patients complain of tingling and burning, although at this stage the texture of the skin remains unchanged.

After about 12 hours begin to appearthe first rashes. Herpetiform dermatitis (photos presented in the article) is accompanied by a very characteristic polymorphous rash, which consists of papules and vesicles, located asymmetrically. By the way, most often the disease affects the skin on the face, the scalp, elbows and knee folds, buttocks.

As the disease develops, the bubbles begin toburst, and their liquid contents form crusts. In addition, this form of dermatitis is accompanied by a violation of the digestive system - frequent bowel movements occur, and the fecal masses acquire a grayish color and a liquid consistency.

In some cases, exacerbation of the diseaseaccompanied by a deterioration of well-being - patients complain of weakness, increased fatigue. In addition, herpetiform dermatitis and frequent relapses can not but affect the mental state of the patient. A person becomes irritable or, conversely, falls into a depressed state.

Herpetiform dermatitis and treatment methods

herpetiform dermatitis

It should be noted that therapy for a similar diseaserather long. Moreover, there is no medicine that can permanently rid itself of dermatitis. Nevertheless, the use of drugs in combination with diet will help avoid subsequent exacerbations.

Treatment includes the use of anti-inflammatory andantihistamines that reduce itching and burning. In the most severe cases, doctors prescribe ointments with corticosteroids - these drugs really quickly relieve inflammation and redness of the skin. It will be useful to take immunomodulators and vitamins, since these drugs regulate the activity of the immune system. And, of course, patients are advised to strictly adhere to the gluten-free diet - you need to exclude from the diet cereals and products containing iodine in high concentrations.