Vitamins for women - a must for health

For the state of health, beauty of the skin, hair andNails meet vitamins. A modern woman is constantly in cares. Work and domestic chores take away all free time, which for themselves is no longer enough. In order to be always active and beautiful, to have good health, it is necessary to take vitamins for women.

The key role of nutrients

Each of the vitamins serves to fulfilla specific task in the body. Their action is aimed at maintaining our health. The body itself is not able to produce these substances useful for it, so to replenish their stock, you need to use the necessary food or dietary supplements.

Vitamins for women serve for vital functions:

- slow down the aging process,

- Strengthen immunity,

- Protect from stress,

- increase the amount of generated energy,

- maintain the balance of female hormones,

- contribute to the prevention of breast cancer,

- Strengthen the health of the cardiovascular system,

- reduce the discomfort experienced by a woman in the menstrual period.

The lack of vitamins has its negative effect, leading to hormonal failures and poor health.

Women's vitamins, which are also antioxidants - it's A, C and E. They create powerful protection in all cells of the body.

Vitamin A is responsible for the health and beauty of women'shair, improves the condition of the skin, which becomes more elastic and acquires a well-groomed appearance. This substance is useful for strengthening bones and soft tissues. The intake of vitamin A improves vision. It is found in vegetables such as melon, pumpkin and carrots. Of the number of fruits, they are rich in apricots.

A special role in the formation and concentration of redVitamin C plays the blood cells. Thanks to it, wounds heal faster. Some scientific studies have proved his role in the treatment of infertility. The sources of this substance are oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, kiwi and black currant.

Slows down the aging process and reduces the risk of bleeding vitamin E. They are rich in fish oil and nuts.

Vitamins for women, the best to eliminateage changes are B6, B9 and B12. They slow down the processes that cause aging, improve metabolism, regulate hormone levels, increase the working capacity of the organism, promote the normal functioning of the brain, normalize protein synthesis and cell division. Very important vitamin B9 for pregnant women, a low level of which can lead to defects in the development of the fetus.

Contain these vitamins in bananas and meat, cereals and beans, fish and cheese, eggs and beans, asparagus and strawberries.

To form bones, teeth, and also to maintain the nervous system, vitamin D. is important.

During menopause, it helps to avoid osteoporosis, reduces the possibility of bowel cancer. They are rich in meat and fish, egg yolks, spinach and oatmeal.

Necessary for health is vitamin K. He maintains the strength of bones and improves coagulation in old age. Contains this vitamin in soybean oil, broccoli, leafy vegetables and fish oil.


Complex vitamins for women are capable ofprovide the body with all vital substances. It is necessary to choose the right composition for the use, corresponding to the age and the presence of a certain type of diseases. Vitamins for women are produced taking into account the processes occurring in the body. Essential difference is the complexes for pregnant and lactating mothers. Certain multivitamins are offered to women caring for the beauty of hair, skin and nails. There are special complexes for patients with diabetes mellitus. The following multivitamins are popular: "Complivit", "Elevit Pronatal", "Multivitamins" and many others.

When choosing vitamins, you must remember about the inadmissibility of their overabundance in the body, which threatens with various health disorders.