Ear plugs: causes and removal

Yes, our body is very unusual.This unusual, in the first place, lies in the fact that it contains a multitude of various trifles that seem, at first glance, completely useless and unnecessary, but the benefits are in fact very great from them.

Many believe that earwax is of no use to usdoes not bring. It looks rather unpleasant, and besides it makes spending extra minutes for hygiene. In fact, it is very important. The protection of the ear canal is its main function. It is thanks to her that any small particles, as well as dust can not reach the tympanic membrane and settle on it.

Sulfur is necessary, but its surpluses must necessarilyremove so that the ear plug can not form. This cork - a very unpleasant phenomenon. It can cause hearing impairment, and can cause some discomfort and severe headaches.

Often there are ear plugs in children, for which parents have not followed. It can be found in adults.

Earwax Cork: Causes

An interesting fact is that most oftenthis congestion occurs precisely in those who constantly use cotton wands to clean their ears. What is the reason for this? Yes, with the fact that using such sticks, we just simply push the sulfur deep into the ear, from where it will be extremely difficult to get it in the future. Many do not even suspect this danger, considering that the clean ear walls are an indicator of its purity entirely.

Ear plugs can be formed in everyone.They are specific in that they can not betray themselves for a long time. For a very long time a person, in whose ear the cork began to form, continues to hear well and does not feel any discomfort.

Everything can be aggravated for the following reasons:

- unsuccessful cleaning of the ear with a cotton swab;

- ingress of water into the ear.

In the second case, the ear plugs swell, and the person completely stops hearing.

Symptoms include the following:

- noise in ears;

- auditory perception decreases;

- will burn not only discomfort and headache, but also nausea, dizziness and other.

It is worth remembering that a normal hearing does not mean that the ear canals are absolutely clean.

Ear plugs: removal

Many try to self-medicate, however thisdo extremely not recommended. First of all, this is due to the fact that the eardrum is very sensitive, and the slightest damage to it can cause a lot of trouble. It is best to remove it from a doctor who has considerable experience in this matter.

In most cases, ear plugs are removed whenwashing assistance. In this case, a pulsating jet of water is directed along the back wall of the auditory canal. This leads to the fact that sulfur, accumulated in the ear, comes out with water. This method is very effective, but it can not always help.

The second way to remove the ear plug is,that a solution of sodium hydrogencarbonate is buried in the ear through a pipette. As a rule, before it is heated to 37 degrees Celsius. This procedure is completed by washing with water, which was described just above.

In the beginning and middle of the article it was about harmcotton swabs. Their use can cause problems, but still they are useful in some ways. Of course, we are talking about reasonable and proper use. Perhaps the most important is the rule that you do not need to put such a tampon deep into the ear canal. Clean them only the walls.

Also I want to say that a cotton swab shouldto be moderately moist, since a large amount of water can damage the eardrum, and because of its lack of ear cleaning can result in ineffectiveness.

Do not allow children to clean their ears themselves.