Recipes of traditional medicine: crap - useful properties and contraindications

On the medicinal properties of a perennialplants of the Rose family have been known since ancient times, using it in the preparation of various potions. This medicinal herb is called crap. Useful properties and contra-indications are well known both in Europe and in Asia.

Spread repetish

This plant has many differenttitles: burdock, spell-grass, strawberry, lepnilnik and sorokovedunnik. On its straight stems there are long, large leaves, and in June the creeper begins to delight the eye with bright yellow inflorescences. And the flowering period lasts almost all summer.

Crayfish useful properties and contraindications

During the exuberant flowering exudes a wonderful aroma,but in a dry form it does not smell. It grows in bushes, thickets, along roads, fringes, on hills and under fences of estates. Collect cakes during flowering, throwing out the dried and yellowed lower leaves. Dry in the shade. Some herbalists collect the seeds of a turnip in autumn. Store this grass in bundles (wrapped in paper from dust) or in boxes lined with paper, seeds are stored in bags. The period during which it is possible to store cakes is not more than 3 years.

Chemical composition of the plant

In the ground part of the cake, many tannicsubstances, essential oil, resin, bitter substances, coumarin. In seeds, more than 35% of fatty oil was found. In addition, the plant is rich in vitamin PP, group B, mineral salts, in which there is a lot of sulfur, iron and silica acid. Contain in the cake and organic acids: lemon, apple, ascorbic. They are in fresh leaves - up to 40%.

Information about crayfish, useful properties and contra-indications of this plant can be found in every popular collection of medicinal herbs.

Properties of the box and its use

Crayfish in the official medicine is practically notis used. But in the people this plant is valued, first of all, as a way to improve the functioning of the liver. People emphasize its positive effect with a lack of gastric juice. In these cases, drink three times a day for 1 glass of infusion-broth: for 1 cup of boiling water - 1 tbsp. l. cut grass.

contraceptive cask

Such infusion rinse the throat and gums, wash the wounds. Also used as an expectorant for dry cough-bronchitis: drink in that case in small sips.

With poor digestion (especially with weakenedactivity of the intestine), with stagnant phenomena in the liver and gallbladder, in the case of the presence of stones in the latter, with pancreatitis drink a less strong broth of a cake. In this case, take it half a cup three times a day, after eating.

It is important that the crayfish reduces inflammatoryprocesses in joints with rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. And with various bleeding, its action, respectively, hemostatic. Many herbalists know: displays ripe useful properties, and contraindications are practically absent in neurocirculatory dystonia, which is accompanied by headache and crises. Infusion of herbs in this case acts spasmolytic. The daily dose with similar problems - 2-3 tbsp. l. herbs on a half-liter thermos.

Medicinal Herbs

Despite such a wide range of useful properties, has a crap contraindications. Preparations based on it should be taken with caution.

How, knowing all about the cask, useful properties and contraindications to this plants, to avoid its negative impact? Particularly attentive to its use should be treated with patients who are hypersensitive to drugs. Preparations prepared on its basis are contraindicated in chronic constipation and obstruction of the biliary tract, with thrombosis. A pregnant and nursing mothers should take decoctions of this plant, only after consulting with an expert.