Medical properties of wormwood and contraindications to its use

Wormwood is distinguished by a high sprawling bush andextremely strong specific flavor. The second name is widow grass. Depending on the species to which each particular plant belongs, it can be used in different ways.

medicinal properties of wormwood and contraindications
So, herb wormwood (the medicinal properties of whichare really great) silvery varieties are very popular among landscape designers. But it is also used in both official medicine and folk medicine. However, the medicinal properties of wormwood and contraindications to its use are not yet fully revealed.

Useful properties and spheres of its application

Its wide popularity this plant has received due to its impressive chemical composition. So, its main components are:

  • acids - malic, ascorbic and amber;
  • vitamin K;
  • mineral salts;
  • essential oil;
  • carotene;
  • bitter glycosides.

I want to say at once thatofficial medicine sagebrush received recognition. In pharmacies today you can find a huge number of various homeopathic medicines manufactured on its basis.

The fields of application of wormwood for medicinal purposes are different. However, most often it is used as:

- antipyretic, choleretic product;

- Means for fighting parasites (both in humans and animals);

- activator of recovery of liver cells;

- an activator of metabolic processes, as well as a means that improves the functioning of the intestine.

wormwood silvery medicinal properties

Do not forget that in medicine is activeUsed and wormwood silver, the medicinal properties of which is no worse. So, in particular, it is this species that is widely used today in the treatment of anorexia caused by bowel diseases. In addition, as a natural soothing tea is very useful from bitter wormwood. It should be drunk before going to bed, and it is cooked extremely simply - a tablespoon of herbs and a teaspoon of honey are put in a glass of boiling water.

But do not forget that the medicinal properties of wormwood and contraindications to its use are almost equivalent.

When should you not use this plant?

It is strictly forbidden to use wormwood in any form to pregnant women, as well as those who breastfeed.

herb wormwood healing properties
In the first case, this can lead to miscarriage or early childbirth, and in the second, to an allergic reaction in the child, as well as to the appearance of a bitter taste in milk.
Do not treat children who have not reached the age of sevenage, any drugs based on this plant. This can lead to apathy and increased sleepiness. And it is when treating people who have not reached at least 16 years of age, always remember that the medicinal properties of wormwood and contraindications to its use have not yet been studied to the end.

Also as contraindications can be identifiedand abundant menstruation in women. The fact is that taking infusions or broths from this herb can provoke an increase in bloody discharge. And, of course, do not forget about individual allergic reactions.

In any case, it should always be remembered that the medicinal properties of wormwood and contraindications to its use are equivalent. Before using it, consult an expert.