Vitamin B12 - instructions for use

Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) - water-solublevitamin B, which is more complex in molecular composition than the others, since it contains trace elements of cobalt. Cobalt - a mineral substance necessary for red blood cells, enters our body from food sources, and also contains vitamin B12 in sufficient quantity. Instructions for use indicate that due to vitamin B12, the body normalizes the exchange of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and it perfectly interacts with pantothenic and folic acid and vitamin C.

Vitamin B12, the instruction on which applicationindicates that for an adult a daily dose of 5-7 μg is not contained in plant foods. Get cyanocobalamin can be with food of animal origin: with milk, cheese, meat (more contain kidneys, heart, liver), oysters. In a significant amount found in dry milk, sardines, crabs, salmon. People who for some reason do not consume animal food should take into account that without consuming milk, meat and eggs, they do not get vitamin B12. Instructions for use give the following information - this vitamin is responsible for hematopoiesis, a lack of vitamin in the body can lead to a violation of the formation of DNA. In the stagnant brain, different blood cells, platelets, red and white corpuscles divide and mature, so disturbances occur in the functions of the stagnant brain if vitamin B12 does not enter the body. The instruction also warns that due to a lack of vitamin, organs and tissues of the body may suffer, which will lack oxygen inflow to the cells, and this leads to a decrease in energy processes and the work of important organs as a whole.

The benefit of vitamin B12 is not exaggerated, since itnot only takes part in the construction of fat and protein structures of the protective layer of the body, but it is of great importance in the process of bone formation, which is very important for pregnant women, women during menopause and for children during active growth. Methionine, which is part of the vitamin, has an important influence on our psyche, as it is responsible for feelings such as: a sense of joy, kindness, a feeling of love.

Vitamin B12, the instruction on which applicationreports that if vitamin deficiency is lacking, the following symptoms may appear: a violation of digestion, hemopoiesis, nervous system, is important for every person. There is weakness, pain in the heart, numbness of the limbs, depression, weak memory, decreased appetite, constipation or diarrhea, damage to the digestive system. As a rule, vitamin B12 vitamin deficiency is rare, often it occurs in vegetarians who do not take animal food. Also, a deficiency of this vitamin can occur under certain conditions: if an operation was performed to remove the stomach, intestine or small intestine, with atrophic gastritis, and also when the substance is captured by worms.

If a situation occurs, and your doctor has identifiedlack of cyanocobalamin, it is likely that he will appoint a solution for injections in ampoules for injections, so the vitamin is better absorbed by the body. Vitamin B12 in ampoules, the instruction of which warns about contraindications, should be taken cautiously. If you have angina, a tendency to form blood clots, you are pregnant and breastfeeding - take such vitamins only as directed by your doctor. Do not do this and if you have erythrocytosis, malignant or benign neoplasm.

Vitamin can cause allergic reactions, tachycardia, diarrhea, mental agitation, dizziness and headache.

Incompatible with aminoglycosides, ascorbicacid, colchicine, thiamine bromide, heavy metal salts, pyridoxine. With drugs that increase blood clotting in the body - not combined.

The preparation of vitamin B12 should be taken after consultation with a doctor!