Key features of modern bracket systems

In modern medical practices, treatmentBraces-systems continues to be the main orthodontological technique used to correct bite in patients of all ages. Currently, the designs of traditional braces have undergone a number of significant changes, becoming less noticeable on the teeth, more aesthetic, comfortable to wear and routine care. For this reason, this technique is increasingly used not only during childhood treatment, but also when teeth are aligned in adults, striving to acquire an impeccable and attractive smile.

Regardless of the type of brackets, the principle of operationsuch a system is standard. The orthodontist, taking into account the particularities of a particular clinical case, sets a bracket for each tooth, taking into account the optimal trajectory of the movement of the teeth. The design of the bracket is complemented by a special groove into which a locking arc is inserted, memory of the form, allowing it to return to a given position. The dentition, which is under constant pressure, is gradually subjected to directional deformation, achieving the necessary alignment.

The bracket-system allows to solve effectivelya wide range of problems associated with dento-jaw anomalies. It is not only about adjusting individual teeth and the entire dentition, but also about correcting the position of the jaws, visual harmonization of the lower third of the face and profile, deducing the geometry of the teeth in the right arc, etc. The total cost of treatment is formed from such components as the cost of the most bracket , the degree of complexity of its fixation and the costs of the current correction. Depending on the complexity of the case, the treatment budget may in some cases exceed 200,000 rubles.

Depending on the type of material, all modernBraces are divided into two groups: classical systems and aesthetic. The first are made of metal, while under aesthetic braces are meant less noticeable sapphire and ceramic designs. Proceeding from the principle of the location of the system, classical vestibular brackets, installed on the outside of the dentition, are distinguished. Lingual, which are installed from the inside of the teeth, due to which are hidden.

Orthodontic treatment involves veryan extensive complex of contraindications. It should be taken into account that the installation of braces is completely excluded in the absence of an excessive number of teeth, diseases of the immune system, malignant tumors, blood diseases, cardiovascular and endocrine system, tuberculosis, neuropsychiatric disorders, venereal diseases.</ strong </ p>