First aid for insect bites: bees, mosquitoes, bugs

As you know, in order to close"Get acquainted" with biting and stinging insects, it is not necessary to go out into the wild. After all, they can lie in wait for us in their own yard, and on their way to work, and even in the house. Of course, in the park or in the forest, the probability of meeting with them increases. In most cases, these small predators do not pose a threat to humans, but everyone should know what first aid for insect bites should be provided to the victim. Moreover, there is no difficulty in these actions.

first aid for insect bites

First aid with bites insects: bees and wasps

When you bite these stinging insects in the bodya person immediately gets poison, causing redness and swelling of the skin. At this point, the victim is experiencing acute pain, which after a while passes into an itch. All the consequences of the bite take place within two to three days.

First aid for victims of biteinsects is to find and extract a poisonous sting from the skin. After this, the affected area should be rubbed with iodine or alcohol, and to reduce pain, if possible, attach ice. If a bee or a bee was bitten in the eye, pharynx or pharynx, and also in case of an allergic reaction, the affected person should be immediately delivered to the nearest medical institution.

first aid with bites

First aid for insect bites: mosquitoes

The bite of this insect is, perhaps, the mostwidespread and quite safe. However, it often causes discomfort, itching and redness of the skin. In case you have undergone multiple mosquito bites, it is recommended to take an antihistamine ("Tsetrin", "Tavegil", etc.) as the first aid, and to rub the affected areas with its solution. To alleviate itching, a very good remedy is a mixture of baking soda and water that can be treated with a sore spot. Also, special sprays and solutions are sold at the pharmacy. They contain a special composition that removes discomfort and disinfects the wound.

first aid to the victims

As prevention of mosquito bitesit is recommended to close windows in summer with special mosquito nets, and also use mosquito repellent devices - fumigators. If you go for a walk in the park or in the forest, then apply a special anti-mosquito spray or cream on the skin.

First aid for insect bites: bedbugs

As a rule, the bites of these insects peopleis exposed while at home. Usually bugs "attack" at night, when people sleep. Most often, open skin areas: face, neck, hands. Through the clothes these insects can not bite, but without difficulty climb up under it. During sleep, a person does not feel anything, and learns about bites by characteristic symptoms, manifested only by morning: swelling, redness, severe itching. As a rule, all these unpleasant manifestations completely disappear after a few days. However, in order to alleviate the symptoms, you can treat the bites with iodine or alcohol solution, and apply ice. In the event that after a few days the pain will not pass, and the yellow liquid will start to appear from the wound, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since infection is possible.