Rotavirus infection: treatment, prevention, symptoms

Rotavirus infection, the treatment and symptoms of whichwe will consider a little lower, according to the definition of doctors, is an intestinal disease caused by rotavirus. After five to seven days after infection, the first signs of the disease begin to appear. But in some cases, the incubation period can be between 3 and 10 days. At the same time throughout the whole time the patient carries a potential threat to others, as it can become a source of their infection. But, when a person gets sick with rotavirus infection, he develops a very strong immunity to the virus that triggered the disease.

Rotavirus infection of adults: symptoms

The virus upon ingestion beginsto be introduced into the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Most of all, as a rule, the mucosa of the small intestine is affected. Active reproduction of rotavirus leads to gastrointestinal lesions and the development of enteritis - inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. This is what triggers diarrhea.

Rotavirus infection has quite distinctive symptoms, which allow it to be diagnosed unerringly:

  1. Decreased appetite. The patient almost completely loses his appetite. But, strangely enough, neither nausea, nor vomiting is observed. But at least it is necessary to drink liquid, even in small portions, but often. Otherwise, the onset of dehydration of the body.
  2. Temperature increase. The patient rises body temperature, but slightly - up to 38 degrees. There are also higher marks on the thermometer, but, as a rule, this is not for long. On average, the temperature is above the norm for a couple of days, after which it self-neutralizes itself.
  3. 3. A liquid stool. This is an indispensable symptom of rotavirus. The intensity of it can vary among different people - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body. An upset stomach can be characterized by a duration of 1 to 3 days (of course, provided timely and adequate treatment).

Rotavirus infection: treatment with elevated body temperature

As a rule, most people with increasedthe temperature rushes to take some febrifuge. But in the case of this disease, this should not be done. The thing is that rotavirus dies if your body temperature rises above 38 degrees. And this moment needs to be waited, as, having lowered a temperature in advance, you "facilitate" the causative agent existence and reproduction in your organism.

But if the thermometer shows above 39, then it's timetake measures to reduce temperature. And it does not have to start with pharmacological preparations - sometimes it is enough to take advantage of simple and time-tested advice of folk medics. Dilute 5 tablespoons of vodka in a liter of water. With this solution, use a soft cloth to wipe the skin, paying special attention to the feet, palms, armpits, elbows and areas under the knees. One such wiping can reduce body temperature by 1 degree. Repeat the procedure as necessary - no harm from it will not.

Rotavirus infection: treatment of diarrhea

To eliminate the symptoms of a loose stool,use, for example, enterofuril or smektu. The medicine is taken at least twice a day in the dosage indicated in the instructions. Treatment should be continued for at least five days (and for fidelity - a week), even if the symptoms of the disease disappear earlier. Despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases, diarrhea ceases by itself, it still has to be treated - this will help prevent the protracted nature of the disease. And, of course, do not forget about the observance of the corresponding diet that is sparing for the gastrointestinal tract, and not to eat all in a row (often this happens when the patient begins to have an appetite and tries to "eat" for hungry days).

Rotavirus infection: treatment for pain in the abdomen

If during the course of a rotavirus infection, youyou experience pain in the abdomen, then you can use one of the drugs that have an antispasmodic effect, for example, one no-shpa tablet contributes to the complete cessation of pain.

Restoration of intestinal microflora

When you go to the amendment, that is,appetite and stop diarrhea, it is recommended to restore the intestinal microflora that was disturbed as a result of the disease. As a rule, Linex is prescribed for this purpose. And the dosage and duration of the course of admission will be prompted by your doctor.

Prevention of rotavirus infection

In order to maximally protect yourself against infection with rotavirus infection, there are several preventive measures:

  1. Clean and quality food. Be sure to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consumption and try to avoid drinking unboiled water (even if it is a spring water). And, of course, washing hands before meals is a self-evident prevention.
  2. Vaccination. This method, although it is recommended by doctors recently, is still considered controversial. Firstly, there is no absolute guarantee that the vaccine works in all cases of rotavirus. Secondly, many people are being stopped by the unjustifiably high cost of the vaccine. Thirdly, not every clinic has it.
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