Pediatric Testis in Men: Symptoms and Treatment

Dropsy testicles in men, and in a different way - hydrocele,is the accumulation of fluid in the shells, which leads to an increase in the testicle visually, an increase in the scrotum and swelling in the groin area. There are two types of dropsy testicles - communicating and isolated. In communicating edema, fluid can flow from the testicle to the groin (through the uninfected vaginal canal), and when isolated, it is found only in the testicle. Usually the communicating edema can disappear during the first months of the boy's life if the vaginal canal becomes overgrown. Then, an operation is performed to extract fluid from the testicle. If you delay with surgery, it increases the risk of remaining sterile.

In most cases, limited edemawill pass itself without any treatment during the first six months of a child's life. Usually, dropsy is a consequence of birth trauma or hormonal disorders. In some cases this is due to the fact that small boys have not yet established an outflow of lymph from the genitals, which can provoke edema.

Pediatric testis in adolescents is associated with eithertrauma, or may be a complication of surgery to remove varicocele or inguinal hernia. This disease doctors are trying to cure conservatively, but if there is no success during the first three months of treatment, then the question of conducting an operation is raised.

Dropsy testicles in men can be detectedimmediately at birth. Usually the first operation is performed at the same time, and in case of unfavorable course the disease can recur, and the operation will be needed again. The fact that the disease can not be treated, the question is not even raised, otherwise a man can remain sterile. After all, normal spermatogenesis is possible only at a certain temperature, which is maintained in the testicle. The dropsy prevents it (the liquid contributes to overheating), hence the function of the male organ is also disturbed.

It is easy to diagnose a dropsy of testicles in men.Visually determined increase in one testicle, swelling of the scrotum. Usually, painful sensations are not noticed only if the testicle is not infected and not squashed with liquid. A more accurate diagnosis is performed using an ultrasound scan. Dropsy testicles are most often operated, although recently the method of puncturing the needle and sucking the fluid is used, but this method sins with a large number of relapses. In the operation it is important to observe a fine technique - to carefully separate the vas deferens, the inguinal nerve and the vessels that feed the testicle. Usually, after surgery, there is no problem with the possibility of becoming a father. Only in five percent of cases the operation becomes the cause of infertility.

Pediatric testis in men, whose treatment wasperformed surgically, requires a certain recovery period. In the region of the incision on the scrotum, painful sensations associated with damage to the nervous tissue can last for a long time. Usually in the period from six months to a year they disappear. In order that the dropsy in men no longer cause them anxiety, you need to pay great attention to the postoperative period. Well, if the operation is done in childhood - the psychological trauma is much less, and even discomfort. The only thing to watch for is the lack of sharp movements that can lead to hematomas in the groin and scrotum. After surgery, analgesics are usually given to relieve pain, the first week, so as not to strain, patients use laxatives. After surgery, it is not necessary to wear pulling underwear - otherwise the testicle can fix over the scrotum. With a successful operation, the outcome of the disease is favorable.