Do not "boot", or How to get rid of obsessive thoughts

how to get rid of obsessive thoughts

Each of us from time to time visit somecompletely absurd and strange thoughts. Their duration is short, they go out just as suddenly as they appear. This happens with every person, but among us there are also those who have these obsessions in my head for a long time, then we can not deal with them alone, and this is already a diagnosis ... In this article we will tell you how to get rid of obsessive thoughts.

Ideas that torment a person against his will arecompletely different: we can constantly think about the future death of loved ones, about the coming end of the world, about hunger and poverty, about suicide, about the meanings of our dreams, about sex, and so on. No matter how sophisticated your thoughts are, it all boils down to one thing: you are not needed by anyone; in life there will never be anything more beautiful, life is evil. Obsessive thoughts fill your whole consciousness, turning into a symptom of one of the mental disorders: depression, schizophrenia, neurosis, organic genesis and so on.

Obsessive thoughts. Causes

There are no obvious reasons for the appearance of these or those thoughts. Everything depends on the general mental state of a person, on his character, his views on life, his morals. Only in the process of treatment (this you will learn later) the doctor will be able to determine what or other reasons.

obsessive reason thoughts

People who do not even try to find out howget rid of obsessive thoughts, suffer from it and become hostages of their own ideas: obsessive thoughts aggressively and brazenly take our consciousness into slavery! They like vampires suck from them the remains of energy, taking away vital forces ... It is urgent to do something!

Getting rid of obsessive thoughts: pharmacotherapy

Because obsessive thoughts are a symptom, not aan independent disorder, then it should be treated with the help of pharmacotherapy, used to get rid of this or that severe mental state (for example, schizophrenia). It is necessary to consult a psychiatrist who will definitely help. In addition to the basic treatment, the doctor can prescribe you additional home therapy. So, let's find out how to get rid of obsessive thoughts at home.

getting rid of obsessive thoughts

Home "treatment"

  1. You ask: "How to deal with the obsession?"Do not block them (it still will not work), do not run away from them and do not switch your attention." Scrolling in the head all the strange thoughts, one by one (like comic books), focusing on each one.Breathe quietly.Then you should feel better, at least so say psychotherapists.
  2. Getting rid of obsessive thoughts happens to others -more creative. Sit down, relax, and then write down all the bad reflections that are chasing you, on a piece of paper. You can have a special notebook - a "black list" of unwanted thoughts. This will allow you to get rid of internal stress. You can say these thoughts out loud, and even better - share them with someone. This will allow you to express your emotions in words.

Friends, the above we told you how to get rid of obsessive thoughts. There are many ways of home treatment, but all these are additional methods to the main course - pharmacotherapy.