How to make the stomach work: medicines and folk remedies

How to make the stomach work? This is a question that every day worries more and more people. After all, diseases of the digestive system not only have a bad effect on the health of the whole organism, but also lead to discomfort and pain. Before cleaning the stomach and taking health measures, understand why this problem arose.

Symptoms of "lazy stomach"

As soon as the stomach stops, immediatelyyou can see the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, which in time will only increase. Be sure to pay attention to them, especially if the pain occurs in the baby.

how to make the stomach work

Consider a few symptoms that will indicate that your stomach is stopped:

  • a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • nausea, bloating of the abdominal cavity;
  • aching or sharp pains in the lower abdomen.

However, these are not the only signs of the diseasestomach. But they are the most common. Of course, this problem can be eliminated at home, but even in this case it is recommended to go to a doctor. There are cases when the stomach stop has a lethal outcome.

Causes of ailment

How to make the stomach work? This task is not easy. But it is even more difficult to find out what causes caused such an unpleasant illness. The most common is malnutrition. And gastroenterologists confirm this information. First you will notice how the stomach starts to "rumble", after which there is nausea and pain in the abdomen.

festal indications for use instructions

If you very often overeat, eata lot of fatty foods, and also have oral and dental diseases, then do not be surprised at the appearance of negative symptoms. Very often indigestion occurs after consuming a large number of sweets.

How to treat

Many people think about how to makestomach to work. Sometimes it's enough just to adjust your diet, and stomach problems will disappear. However, to solve the problem completely, you need to analyze your lifestyle. Do not forget to go in for sports. Digestion of the stomach is increasingly seen in office workers who spend most of the day in a sitting position. Many people, as soon as they notice the symptoms of "lazy stomach", immediately go to the pharmacy for pills. However, most of the medications are not enough, because the problem of tablets may not be solved. In this case, you need to use other methods of treatment.


Every year people began to think more and more often,how to make the stomach work. Many do not suspect that the health of the digestive system depends on exactly what we eat and how. If you still eat poorly, but strive to start a healthy lifestyle, you need to act without fanaticism. To begin with, gradually reduce portions and thoroughly chew food.

how to make the stomach work with folk remedies

Solid heavy products are digested muchworse, so the "lazy stomach" does not want to start working. Be sure to follow the regime. Eat at the same time each time. Half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of water. This procedure will make your digestive system work smoothly.

The most high-calorie foods are for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, doctors recommend only light, low-calorie food.

Do not forget about unloading days. This does not mean that you will have to starve. Do not do this in any case. Eat only light foods. For example, fruits, vegetables, kefir and fermented baked milk. So your stomach will take a break from heavy food and with new strength will take up their work.

How to make the stomach work with folk remedies

There are many recipes to deal with a non-working stomach. All of them are checked by our grandmothers and are very effective.

lazy stomach syndrome how to make work

Excellent help dried fruit. Take in equal shares raisins, dried apricots, dates, figs, apples. Add pounded flax seeds and a little honey. Stir well and refrigerate. Every morning, use a tablespoon.

The seeds of flax showed themselves well. You can just chew and drink with water. You can add to salads, cereals, pastries or make infusions.

Try herbal teas. However, buy them in pharmacies. So you will be sure that all the ingredients are clean and dust free. Take in equal parts chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort, pour a glass of boiling water, while the dry herb should be a tablespoon. Insist about half an hour. This drink should be drunk four times a day for a few sips. Spoil yourself with herbal teas on a fasting day. Your stomach will thank you.

"Lazy stomach": treatment, tablets

To my great regret, very many people can notboast a healthy digestive system. In some cases, the stomach needs help with medications. "Festal" (indications for use, instructions are indicated in this article) is an enzymatic preparation that improves the digestive system. Approved by doctors and patients, as well copes with their work and improves digestion. It consists of enzymes that break down nutrients. Food is well digested and absorbed by the body. The drug "Festal", indications for use, the instruction to which is attached to the package, perfectly copes with its functions and improves digestion. Doctors recommend for the most rapid effect to take one tablet 3 times a day for two to three days. Take the drug costs with food, washing down with water. Before using tablets by children, always consult a doctor. He will determine the correct dosage.

lazy stomach treatment pills

However, this is not the only medicine that hassuch properties. In pharmacies you can find a lot of analogues, which will be no worse. For example, pay attention to such drugs: Pancreatin, Mezim, Creon, Digestal, Ferestal.

Advices of doctors and nutritionists

The health of the digestive system depends directlyfrom your food. Once you have it, you will immediately notice positive results in digestion. Try to eat soups, cereals, fruits and vegetables every day. Limit the use of fatty foods. Eat often and not very large portions. Ideally, the serving size should be exactly the same as your fist. Very thoroughly chew your food. So it will be faster to digest, and your stomach will not be overloaded.

lazy stomach

Do not eat right before going to sleep. Have supper for two or three hours before him. Thus, you not only take care of the beauty of the figure, but also allow the stomach to rest at night.

Sports and Exercise

Syndrome of "lazy stomach" (how to makework it, you can read in the article) - this is a serious problem that requires an urgent solution. Start to play sports and you will notice how your overall well-being will improve. As much as possible move and walk. Do not miss the stairs. Walking uphill will have a positive effect on your digestion. Dancing and any sports games will save you from stagnation in the stomach.

Start to do your health right now. Sports in conjunction with proper nutrition and folk methods will relieve you of discomfort in the abdomen. Be friends with your stomach and he will thank you. If the symptoms do not go away, go to the hospital. Not at the right time the diagnosed disease can end with a lethal outcome.