A few tips on how to remove a sulfur plug from your ear yourself

The human body is unique.It has everything in order to live and function normally for every member of the Homo sapiens. But any mechanism can sometimes fail. Did the hearing sensitivity decrease somewhat? Or maybe it's a sulfur plug?

sulfur plug at home

About traffic jams

I wonder why they arise, these jams?There can be several reasons: insufficient cleaning of the auditory canal, and a hereditary factor when the body produces a large amount of earwax, and various obstacles to natural sulfur outflow from the ear, for example wearing a conventional hearing aid. Independently to determine if there is sulfur in the ear, it is not so difficult. Symptoms may be a slight decrease in hearing, a periodic sensation of congestion, and noise or ringing (when the sulfur plug touches the tympanic membrane) is also possible. Is it possible to somehow get rid of the problem if a sulfur plug was found? At home, it's possible.

Method 1

It would be desirable to note, that all the same with the given problemit is better to seek help from an otolaryngologist. However, there are a couple of ways to remove the sulfur plug from your ear yourself. To do this, you need hydrogen peroxide, petrolatum and vegetable oil. These substances, heated to the temperature of the body, must be instilled in the ear several times (about 3-4) once a day. The result will not take long to wait - the cork will disappear.

how to remove a sulfur plug from your ear yourself

Method 2

The following tip on how to remove the sulfur plugfrom the ear by yourself. You will need a juice of garlic and camphor oil. These substances also warm up to body temperature, the mixture is plunged with a tourniquet of gauze and put in the ear as a compress. As soon as a burning sensation appears, it is removed. The ear is washed with water. This must be done so that the water together with sulfur can safely go out.

Method 3

The next option is how to remove the sulfur plugfrom the ear by yourself. It is necessary to mix water and hydrogen peroxide in a one-to-one ratio. The solution is to heat and rinse the ear canal from the syringe so that the liquid can easily escape from the ear. It should be noted that it is better to do this procedure after softening the ear sulfur plug.

Method 4

The next way to remove the sulfur plugfrom the ear by yourself. It takes boric acid. It must be carefully inserted with a syringe without a needle in the ear so that the liquid reaches the sulfur plug. There will be a hiss, so sulfur will dissolve. The head should be tilted to the side, so that the liquid with pieces of unnecessary substance would go out without obstacles to the outside. You need to do the procedure for a week, a couple of times a day.

how to get rid of sulfuric plugs

What you should not do

Understanding how to get rid of sulfurictraffic jams, a person should understand that he does all the home procedures with a certain risk. Only a doctor can do everything quickly, painlessly and without complications. But if the patient still does not want to seek medical help, he must remember that it is strictly forbidden to get rid of sulfuric plugs by means of sharp objects and ear wands. You can not pick out a sulfur plug from your ear, this in most situations will lead to traumatization of not only the ear canal, but also the tympanic membrane.