Reviews: "Ginipral" during pregnancy. Opinion of doctors and patients

Tablets ginipral during pregnancy
In practice, the obstetrician-gynecologistvarious cases requiring immediate resolution. Some medications for pregnant women have a certain list of side effects, but they can be irreplaceable in treatment. The drug, which will be discussed, scored rather contradictory reviews. "Ginipral" during pregnancy is prescribed by a doctor to prevent excessive activity of the uterus and treatment of hypertension. Repeatedly, it can be prescribed to eliminate the threat of premature birth. Important! The drug is not prophylactic, and take the pill should be strictly in the prescribed dosage. This remedy has a number of contraindications, so self-medication can promise pregnant many problems, including premature birth or miscarriage.

Pregnancy course: uterine tone

To foresee the course of an interesting position of a womanno one, even in the case of a preplanned pregnancy, is likely to have any complications. Given the rabid rhythm of life, the quality of nutrition and the environmental factor, future mothers are constantly confronted with such a common condition as the tone of the uterus. It can manifest itself to a greater or lesser extent, but requires urgent action, otherwise it could threaten miscarriage. In addition, the systematic stress of the uterus can slow the development of the fetus, since blood with nutrients comes to it in less quantity.

The concept of increased uterus tone impliespermanent or periodic muscle contraction of the said organ. In this case, doctors believe that the use of "Ginipral" is justified - during pregnancy, it acts almost instantaneously, relaxing the muscles of the uterus. He can be appointed for a short period, as well as for the whole second half of the term, up to the birth.

Causes of developing the tone of the uterus may be:

  • Ginipral during pregnancy - why appoint
    Somatic diseases.
  • Isthmiko-cervical insufficiency.
  • Myoma of the uterus.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Malformations of the uterus.
  • Immunological, endocrine and genetic diseases.

Other factors affecting the development of hypertension:

  • Bad habits - alcohol, smoking.
  • A short sleep of a pregnant woman.
  • Bad relations in the family.
  • Work associated with certain risks.
  • The age period is 18 years and after 35 years.
  • Inflammatory diseases in the anamnesis, abortions.
  • ARVI and flu during pregnancy.

Tonus of the uterus: how to determine?

When the tummy has already appeared, the woman herself can determine the moments when the uterus is in tension.

With tonus, the following symptoms are observed:

  • Stretching pains in the lower abdomen and in the lower back;
  • cramping pain;
  • the stomach becomes firm, an unpleasant feeling of tension.

If all these manifestations are accompanied bybloody or brown secretions - this is a serious reason for calling an ambulance. In the hospital, the gynecologist will perform the necessary examination and prescribe the treatment. He also explains how to take "Ginipral" during pregnancy.

Methods of examination for hypertension

With a vaginal examination, a gynecologist withEasily can determine the tone of the uterus. In addition, the specialist conducting ultrasound can ascertain the contraction of muscle fibers. Another method of diagnosis is a special device for measuring myometrium contractions, but it has not been widely used since there are faster methods for determining the stress state of the uterus.

use of ginipral during pregnancy

Stretching pains in the lower abdomen are not alwaysa sign of any complication: in the first half of pregnancy this may be a result of natural growth of the uterus and stretching of the muscle fibers. From there, and pain.

What can not be done with hypertension

Having found out the tension of the uterus, the doctor, most likely,prescribe the tablet "Ginipral." In pregnancy, characterized by a problematic course, bed rest and rest are recommended. You can not engage in any activity, no matter what it costs. Absolutely forbidden:

  • Do physically active work or exercises (also forget about washing, cleaning, ironing and other homework);
  • lift the weight (trust it to her husband and loved ones);
  • stay in crowded places and overcrowded transport, long walks (often arrange a holiday);
  • visiting the bath (also avoid hot bath or shower);
  • intimate relationships (at least deep penetrations);
  • long-term trips, and even more so flights.

reviews ginipral during pregnancy

Calm, only calm

The reason for the increased tone of the uterus can oftenbe emotion. The pregnancy itself in a woman causes a lot of emotions, besides this condition is aggravated by significant changes in the hormonal background of a future mother. Excessive release of adrenaline into the blood can provoke a strain on the muscles of the uterus; in some cases, conversations with a psychotherapist and the use of sedatives can help to correct the situation.

"Ginipral" during pregnancy: why appoint?

Regardless of whether the state first appearedtone or repeatedly, a doctor's visit is necessary. With a low degree of contraction, the doctor may advise the use of spasmolytic "No-shpa". More serious violations are eliminated with a number of drugs - "Magne B6", "Motherwort", anti-inflammatory drugs, calcium blockers or "Ginipral" (reviews of pregnant women are numerous, and mostly positive). If the soothing agents (motherwort or valerian) are ineffective, the doctor may prescribe medications Trioxazine, Nosepam, and Sibazol.

When diagnosing hypertension of the uterus in earlythe terms of pregnancy experts appoint hormonal drugs, because during this period, the tension of the tissues is associated with a violation of the hormonal background of the future mother. In the second half of the term, or even a little earlier, from 16-17 weeks, doctors resort to more serious drugs, for example, such as "Ginipral." The doctors' comments about him are positive. Experts note that this tool reduces tone, directly affecting the vessels of the uterus and the placenta.

how to take ginipral during pregnancy

Reception Features

The drug is used strictly according to the prescriptionsdoctor. Pharmacies sell tablets and a solution for injections of "Ginipral". The reviews of many patients contain information that the medicine is quite effective, helped many mothers to tolerate healthy babies. When a threat of miscarriage, this drug is taken from the second trimester of pregnancy. The decision about the expediency of the appointment, the duration of the course and the dosage is taken by the doctor - everything is strictly individual, because it depends on the state of the future mother.

Disadvantages of the drug

Before taking this or that remedy,you must carefully read the instructions. Do not lose sight of the recommendations of doctors and their feedback. "Ginipral" during pregnancy is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Individual intolerance of individual components.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Disease of the liver and kidneys.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.
  • Premature detachment of the placenta.
  • Uterine infection or heavy bleeding.

Generally, the drug "Ginipral" side effects during pregnancy is not so often, but the patient still notes some of the negative reactions of the body, such as:

  • excitation;
  • dizziness;
  • trembling of limbs;
  • rapid pulse.

To prevent or eliminate these unpleasantphenomena incidentally prescribed medications that normalize the work of the heart, including drugs of potassium. Since the drug in question can provoke sudden pressure surges, elevated blood sugar levels (as some reviews say), "Ginipral" is prescribed very carefully during pregnancy, while constantly monitoring the level of blood pressure and glucose in the body.

Duration of admission and withdrawal of the drug

ginipral side effects during pregnancy

The course of taking the medicine can last a long time,up to several months. This information is confirmed by numerous reviews. "Ginipral" during pregnancy, as a rule, is canceled in 37-38 weeks, i.e., when the child is ready to be born.

To avoid such complications, doctors advise, if possible, to limit the amount of salt in food and the amount of fluid consumed (to prevent edema).

The undesirable effect of the drug can be exacerbated by drinking coffee or tea, so drink them with caution.

Remember! To arbitrarily appoint, and even more so to cancel the drug "Ginipral" is impossible, it is fraught with irreversible consequences. With a sharp withdrawal of the drug, especially if it was used in high doses, the threat of termination of pregnancy can resume.

Medication "Ginipral": a dropper during pregnancy

Ginipral. Dropper during pregnancy
In emergency cases, resort to complex therapy - first the drug is administered intravenously (drip), then in tablets.

For intravenous administration, the solution is prepared inthe following proportions: 50 μg of the formulation is added to a 5% glucose solution (500 ml). Before the completion of the procedure, for 2-3 hours, begin taking the tablets, first for 1 pc. every 3 hours, then reducing the number of doses to 1 tablet every 4-6 hours.

There is an opinion that after taking this drugthe risk of complications arising during childbirth is increased, but, fortunately, this is just a myth, as many reviews repeat. "Ginipral" during pregnancy simply helps to reduce the risk of premature birth, and when it is canceled, the possibility of a natural delivery is returned.