Hockey, the rules of the game.

Everyone who plays hockey, the rules of the game wellare known. However, very few people know that the first hockey professional team was formed in 1919. It was a Canadian team, so the birthplace of this sport is, of course, considered Canada. Hockey, the rules of which were immediately established, very quickly gained great popularity. Already in 1919, he was included in the Olympic Games. The established rules in hockey are still used throughout the world. Of course, some changes were made periodically, but all of them gave the game even more dynamism, sharpness and entertainment.

As before, the game consists of three periods. The net time of each of them is determined by twenty minutes. The interval between the periods is fifteen minutes. Each period is accompanied by a change of gate for each team. After throwing in the puck the countdown of the game begins, and with the whistle of the judge it stops, these are the rules of the game of hockey. The referee throws a washer between the clubs of both players facing each other.

In each team, the number of players is fromtwenty to twenty-five people. At the same time on the ice there should be six players from each team: goalkeeper and five field. However, at the appointed extra time on the field, four players leave instead of five. During the game of hockey, the rules allow you to replace the player not only in pauses, but also directly in the process.

In this sport is allowed and power struggle. But here there are certain rules, which, unfortunately, are not always respected. It is forbidden to delay an opponent with a hand or stick, an elbow, and an attack by a player who does not own the puck. Strongly forbidden footboards. Some players consciously go for violations of the rules, provoking a response from the opponent. Others are counting on the fact that their violations will remain a judge undetected.

As for the power struggle, it used to be allowed only in the defense zone, and from the year of the nineteen seventies the force receptions were allowed throughout the field.

By the way, and the puck in the game was introduced in a different way. The judge simply put it on the ice field, and at the same time he raised his opponents' clubs. Then he jumped off quickly after the whistle. And only after some time the puck began to throw.

Hockey, the rules of which must be strictlyto observe, has its own system of penalties. The offending player is usually punished with a two-minute penalty. In the case of injury to the opponent, this time increases to five minutes. Punishment the player leaves on the penalty box. There is a so-called disciplinary removal, in which the player is removed for ten minutes or until the end of the game. In this case, the removed player is replaced by another player. Also, punishment can follow the whole team, for example, for a violation of the strength of the squad. In this case, any player of this team can serve a penalty.

If the player went one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and a violation of the rules is committed against him, the referee has the full right to award a penalty kick called bullet.

There may be a situation where the player came out empty with a goal one on one, and the rules are violated against him. In this case, the referee will count the goal, even if the puck and did not go to the gate.

The main time of the game can end in a draw. Then additional time can be assigned. If the result is again a draw, then the outcome of the fight is solved with the help of bullets - free throws. The team wins, surpassing the opponent in the number of abandoned pucks.

At present, active development has acquiredfemale hockey, the rules of which are no different from the male, and he is not inferior to him by his spectacularity. Women's hockey is also included in the Olympic Games.