Northern pension: general questions on charge

Northern pension is accrued to those who work in thesevere climatic conditions, harmful to health. Therefore, standard payments are increased. This applies only to the Far North and territories equated to it.

The history of the appearance of the northern pension

The issue of increased pension payments to people,working in harsh climatic conditions, was raised in the 30s. This was necessary, since most of Russia is in the northern regions. Therefore, additional payments were given such a name. "Northern" are provided in the presence of formalized working relations. They must be recorded in the work book.

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Description of "northern" payments

Employees of the Far North (COP) and equated tohe regions are awarded a northern pension. How many years must be work experience? To get the "northern" - at least 20 years for men and 15 for women when working on the COP. At the same time, the retirement period is 55 and 50 years, respectively. The total length of service must be at least 25 and 20 years.

In areas that are equated to the Far North,one year is equal to nine months of work directly in severe climatic conditions. After 6.7 years of experience on the COP each next working year reduces the period of retirement by four months. As a result, these people have stopped compulsory labor activities much earlier.

What do you need to calculate the northern pension?

When calculating a pension, only the actualcalendar northern service record for retirement. The period of stay on the labor exchange is not taken into account. Just like part-time work. Except when a person worked simultaneously in two organizations. Maternity leave includes maternity leave (both before and after childbirth). At the same time, it should be noted in the workbook that the organization was located in the Far North or equivalent areas. If this document is not available, it is necessary to issue it or provide confirmation.

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Is the northern pension saved during the move?

When calculating the northern pension is taken into accountplace of residence of the recipients. At the same time, each region has its own coefficient. Northern pensions at the move are revised in the Pension Fund. The amount of payments will depend on the coefficient established in the given locality, without the use of a correction one.

One of the main conditions for obtaining the northernpensions - permanent residence in the Far North or equivalent territories. These are the terrain beyond the Arctic Circle. This also takes into account the severe climatic conditions.


In order to find out how much the northern pension will be in terms of money, it is necessary to consider all the existing benefits:

  1. Fixed payments are the material value of the allowance. This does not take into account the correction factor and other additives. The average amount of payment is 6000 rubles.
  2. Early appointment gives a person the right to enterretire early and start receiving benefits. For example, a northern pension for women is accrued if there is an experience of 20 years. But when working in harsh climatic conditions, this period can be reduced by a quarter. And if a woman worked in enterprises where there were difficult working conditions, the experience is reduced by 10 years.
  3. The district coefficient is specialan indicator that determines the severity of working conditions in a given locality. The maximum value is two. For example, this coefficient is used in Yakutia (in the village of Ust-Kuyuga) and in the Nizhnekolymsky District. The minimum value is "1.15". It is used in Karelia. When calculating the northern pension to a fixed pension, the district coefficient is added.
  4. The calculation formula is similar to the usualallowance. But the correction factor is taken into account. For example, a northern pension for men is accrued only with full-time work experience, which for them is at least 25 years. But in the territory of the Far North and territories equated to it - not less than 15 years.
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Procedure of registration of the northern pension

In the presence of necessary conditions (worked outexperience, residence, etc.), all supporting documents are collected. Then they are transferred to the Pension Fund. If he is not in the region, then he is in the municipality. Documents can be submitted to the MFC if a contract has been concluded between it and the state body (FIU).

While visiting the Pension Fund, it is writtenstatement. All documents are attached to it. The application can be written directly by the person claiming a northern pension, or by a representative or employer. The basis for the transfer of documents to the FIU is the written consent of the plaintiff.

After receiving the application by a civil servant,a receipt is issued to the person, indicating the entire list of available securities. Documents are considered within ten days. After this, the applicant receives a written notification (or via SMS).

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If there is a message in the error documentsis sent 5 days after the filing. In this case, all inaccuracies are first eliminated, the necessary papers are reported in the package. Then the feed procedure is repeated again.

When does the issue of pensions start?

After the approval of the package in the Pension FundThe northern pension will be accrued monthly, from the first day. But only after 30 days after applying for additional benefits. For example, which northern pension was in 2015? It was equal to 5800 Russian rubles.

What documents are required for processing a northern pension?

First, the necessary documents are confirmed in the Pension Fund:

  • application in a special form;
  • employment history;
  • Other papers that confirm the length of service (contract, etc.);
  • certificate from the place of residence;
  • documents on the location of the organization in which the applicant worked.

A number of additional papers may be required: a certificate of dependent and incapacitated wards. And also the documents, if a change occurred. or registration of residence changed.

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Features of calculating the northern pension

When calculating the length of service for 2001 One and a half years of work under normal conditions amounted to 1 year of labor in the Far North. Since 2002 the term has changed for 9 months. The calculation of the northern pension took place according to the coefficients on the list, which was compiled in 1967. Over the years, the register has changed greatly.

The amendments were introduced in 1983 and 2008. In the list of cities and regions appeared additional. In 2012, the list of the territories of the Far North and the territories related to it was again revised. All these changes are also taken into account when calculating the northern pension.

There is a list of periods that are subject to insurance payments, but in hard working conditions in the Far North does not include:

  • children's leave for up to 1.5 years (except for the decree before 1992);
  • part-time work;
  • caring for a child up to three years;
  • educational leave;
  • period of professional development;
  • unpaid leave;
  • additional days off;
  • donor days (at the time of blood donation);
  • officially issued period of unemployment;
  • dismissal for reduction.
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But there are exceptions. The calendar days for maternity leave for women are included in the length of service. Suitable for this rule and the cases when a person worked at incomplete rates, but on two jobs at the same time. For shift workers, the length of service includes not only the period of work, but also leave between them. Therefore, they should also be credited with a northern pension.

Servicemen can receive at the same timeofficial and labor payments. And pensioners are entitled to an additional bonus for long service after twenty years. Plus three percent of the benefit, which is charged annually for more than 20 years of experience.

Changes in the legislation of 2016 on northern pensions

By law, citizens living in the northern regions,have the right to an increased pension. The size of the benefit is determined by the region of residence, having its own coefficient. According to the latest amendments to the law, not only pensioners have the right to "northern", but also citizens who are officially registered in the territories of the Far North or equivalent regions and cities.

The same applies to people who aretemporary stay. And also citizens permanently residing in the Far North and equated territories. And even in cases when they do not have an official residence registration. The Pension Fund considers all applications that contain information about the applicant's residence.

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Fixed northern pension is obligedto be confirmed annually. For this purpose, the recipient of the payment must apply to the Pension Fund or Multifunctional Center at the place of residence. The application must be completed before the end of the benefit period.

That is, if a citizen applied to the FIU in August2016, then it is necessary to confirm the fact of residence until the end of July of the next year (before the 12 months from the first payment date). Otherwise, the size of pension payments is considered downward. And a person loses an additional "northern" surcharge.

To the above, there is a small remark. Confirmation of actual residence is only necessary from pensioners who receive benefits from credit institutions. But if payments are made through mail or an organization authorized to do so, then it is not necessary to re-establish the location.