Memo to teachers and students: rules of behavior in school in case of fire

To avoid accidents and even lethaloutcomes, rules of conduct in school in case of fire must be observed scrupulously. According to statistics, only in the Russian capital in 2014 there were 30 large fires and ten of them in schools. In 2015, six such fires caused great material damage. The main cause of fire is the careless treatment of students with fire. And also ignorance of operation and the device of electrical appliances and fire safety rules.

Why do fires occur?

Fires are caused by careless handling offire and explosive substances. The cause may be a malfunction or shortage of electrical appliances. For example, if a large number of such devices are included in one socket. Fires are caused by intentional arson. The cause of fire may be lightning, failure of a lightning rod or playing with matches. Sometimes - the insecurity of the room or substances from sunlight.

rules of behavior in school in case of fire

What do you need to know about evacuation in advance?

Rules of behavior of schoolchildren in case of fire in schoolknowledge of ways of evacuation. All teachers and students should be prepared for extreme situations. The school administration must evacuate the evacuation plan in advance. Before the fire, all actions during a fire are worked out with the children in the training version.

First actions in case of fire

In the rules of conduct during a fire in schoolthe first steps to be taken during the fire are inscribed. As soon as there is a fire, you need to turn off the power and gas cut-off switch. If electrical appliances have caught fire, they should be disconnected from the mains and covered with a wet blanket. Then you need to tightly close the doors and windows to block access to oxygen. With a small fire - try to extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher. It is important to withdraw small children and elderly people from the premises.

rules of behavior of students in case of fire in school

When evacuating from the place of fire with them are takenonly the most important things (documents, money, values). You can not use the elevator. For the descent you need to use the stairs. It is important to protect the breath from the smoke. With its high content in the room - get to the exit crawling. The front door should not be locked.

Rules of behavior of children in case of fire in school - how and where to report?

As soon as a student discovered an inflammation,It is necessary to inform the adults (teachers or security guards) immediately about it or call the firefighters. To do this, on city phones dialed 101, with mobile phones - this is 112. Before the call you need to calm down. The dispatcher is informed of:

  • the address where the fire occurred, and the school number;
  • how strong a fire, that is, the degree of danger to the health and life of people;
  • in which room the fire is raging;
  • what exactly burns and how much;
  • any information about the fire (spoiled wiring, blinking lights, etc.);
  • Your full name and phone number.

rules for safe behavior in case of fire in school

After a call, you can not disconnect the phone, becausethe dispatcher can call back to ask clarifying questions. If the conversation is over, then it is reported that the special services have already left. If possible, it is better to wait for the firefighters and show the place of fire and show them a short way.

Rules for safe behavior in case of fire in school: first actions

You can not panic. Pupils line up for a team of teachers in the column for two people in and out of the building on a pre-exhaust paths or through the emergency exits. But it is obligatory under the guidance of teachers.

Class leaders should take with themeducational journal. In the closing columns are put the most prepared boys, strong physically. The column of schoolchildren should move quickly, but do not run.

rules of conduct during a fire in school

Evacuation message

Rules of conduct in school in case of fire prescribeclear actions during evacuation. This is the removal of people from the building. You can not shout "fire!", As this can lead to panic. And as a result - human victims, although there was no direct threat to their lives.

There are several ways to report a fire:

  • voice notification;
  • alarming by hand;
  • pressing the alarm button;
  • using a loudspeaker broadcasting throughout the building (with the text to be prepared in advance).

Evacuation in case of fire

The main ways of evacuation are fire exits. When smoking, children are transferred to the opposite part of the building with the subsequent withdrawal of schoolchildren. Senior students are allowed to assist teachers in the evacuation of primary classes (help dress, calm, etc.).

Rules of conduct in school in case of fire say thatthe collection of children is held in a certain place, which must be stipulated in advance. Most often it is the school yard. Children line up in classes, and a roll-call begins in the training journal. If someone does not, then firefighters are immediately informed about it. The schoolchildren, drawn from fire and smoke, should be placed in premises prepared in advance for such a case.

rules of behavior of children in case of fire in school

If people can not get out of a burning building

If teachers and schoolchildren werecut off from the exit, you can not try to slip through the fire. It is necessary to find a free room (with windows) from the smoke (or with the least content). Then isolate the room. To do this, you need to patch all the cracks and ventilation grids with rags. If possible, pre-wet the matter. For rags, you can use curtains or clothes.

Rules of behavior of students in case of fire in school: in no case can not open the windows. This can only strengthen the traction, and the fire, having received an additional portion of oxygen, will flare up with renewed vigor. If smoke is found in an isolated room, then you need to lie down on the floor and breathe through a wet cloth. If not, close the respiratory system with clothing. You can open the windows only after seeing the firemen. And screams should attract their attention.

Fire extinguishing by available means

Before the arrival of firefighters you can try to extinguishfire with improvised means. For example, arrange water supply from the tap or use fire extinguishers. But the rules of behavior in school in case of fire say that you can extinguish the fire yourself only if it does not create a threat to the health and life of people and the focus of the fire is clearly visible. Otherwise, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur. Even 0.1-0.5 percent of its content in the air can lead to loss of consciousness and even instant death.

rules of behavior of schoolchildren in case of fire in school

And the approach to fire should be safe. If it has already flared up quite strongly, then it is useless to extinguish it independently. In this case, you need to try to block the fire access to oxygen, close all doors and windows, turn off the electricity and try to leave as soon as possible. If the oxygen level in the building drops to 17 percent, then combustion stops.