What benefits are retirees in old age and how to apply them

Today we have to find out what benefitshave retired people in old age. How can they be issued in Russia? The retirement age in the Russian Federation offers modern old people quite a few privileges. Some of them were eliminated in 2017, but the bulk of state bonuses still remained. What can I expect after my pension is processed? What are the benefits of the state in this or that case? All this will be discussed below!

What benefits are pensioners in old age?

Types of benefits

What benefits are old-age pensioners in Russia? To date, all government support can be divided into several categories. Each of them has its own benefits.

At retirement age, citizens are entitled to the following state support:

  • tax;
  • housing;
  • social;
  • medical;
  • transport.

Also, pensioners can, under certain circumstances, make tax deductions by age. This is a fairly common phenomenon, occurring mainly among the working population.

Tax breaks

What benefits do old age pensioners have? Some bonuses from the state depend on the region of residence of the citizen. But their bulk remains at the federal level.

Let's begin with the most widespread variant of development of events - tax privileges. For today pensioners can apply:

  • for exemption from property tax;
  • to reduce taxes for property, if the property is several units of real estate of one type (several apartments, houses, cottages, etc.);
  • for full exemption from transport tax;
  • to reduce the tax base by 10,000 when calculating the land tax.

In some regions of the Russian Federation, a fullexemption of pensioners from land tax. For example, such a measure was introduced in St. Petersburg and Perm. And the old people of the Moscow region are completely exempt from payment of the transport tax for cars of small capacity and domestic production.

benefits for old age pensioners


Among the benefits provided to old-age pensioners, it is possible to identify tax deductions. For example, property. They can be issued by any working pensioner according to generally accepted rules.

Non-working elderly people have the right to a tax deduction of property and social type for 3 years from the date of their dismissal.

You can get a deduction for:

  • purchase of property (real estate);
  • Mortgage (including interest on mortgages);
  • treatment (paid);
  • training (yourself or children).

About how to make out these deductions, will be told later. But this benefits pensioners do not end there. There are other bonuses worthy of attention.


What benefits to old-age pensioners in Primorsky Krai and other regions of the Russian Federation are guaranteed by the state? There are quite a few of them. The next bonus applies only to working pensioners.

The thing is that at the request of a pensionerThe employer is obliged to give the employee leave without saving wages at a time convenient for the applicant. The term of additional rest varies depending on the category of the beneficiary.


  • 35 days to the participants of the Second World War;
  • 60 days for the disabled;
  • 14 days - ordinary retirees.

Registration is reduced to applying for leave to the employer. There is nothing difficult or special in this.

Housing Benefits

Benefits for old age pensioners are given different. You can say that in almost every area in everyday life you can get those or other bonuses.

Housing plays a big role for the elderly. Needy and military retirees are entitled to:

  • full or partial compensation of utility bills;
  • exemption from contributions for capital repairs of the house;
  • unscheduled connection of home phone;
  • help with gasification of the house;
  • receiving free housing in the order of turn (when applying until 2014).

Registration is reduced to filing documents with the management company. After that, pensioners will be able to take advantage of all housing privileges.

what benefits are Moscow old-age pensioners

The documents are as follows:

  • pensioner's ID;
  • documents on ownership of housing;
  • references indicating the residence of pensioners in a particular territory.

Usually this is enough. Also, a citizen will have to emphasize his special position with certificates of recognition to those in need, a disabled person or a military pensioner. As a rule, there are no problems with this.


What benefits do Moscow pensioners have forOld age? Citizens of retirement age in the Russian Federation can count on certain medical bonuses. The bulk of them is set at the regional level.

Nevertheless, every pensioner can count on:

  • free of charge service in the state polyclinics and hospitals;
  • service in medical institutions out of turn;
  • free medical examinations every 3 years;
  • inoculation against influenza without charging (after 60 years);
  • free vouchers to the sanatorium for treatment (for disabled veterans).

As a rule, no formalization of these benefits is required. It is enough to show a document proving the identity, as well as a pension certificate when applying to a medical organization.

Veterans of Labor

What benefits are pensioners in old age in the Moscow region? It is worth paying attention to a separate category of the population - veterans of labor. Such elderly citizens can count on:

  • free travel in public transport;
  • compensation for the use of a home telephone;
  • compensation of 50% when paying utility bills;
  • Free dentures.

In the first case, it is sufficient to present a pensionin the second - to write an application to the relevant company (in the same way as it was described earlier), in the third - to provide the medical organization with documents indicating the status of the veteran of labor, as well as the retirement age.

What benefits are old-age pensioners in the Moscow region

Exemption from personal income tax

Benefits for senior citizens in Moscoware offered approximately the same as in other regions. All citizens of retirement age can be exempted from personal income tax. No registration of this bonus is required.

Under the law in Russia from personal income tax it is possible to release the following cash flows of pensioners:

  • pensions;
  • material assistance up to 4,000 rubles a year;
  • targeted assistance;
  • benefits;
  • government subsidies.

Working pensioners, like all other workers, can not get rid of the personal income tax from their wages.

Baby care

The next bonus is not a privilege, but an opportunity. It is offered to all working pensioners. It is about the design of the leave to take care of the child. Under the laws of the Russian Federation, any close relatives (father of a baby, grandparents) can claim it. If, for some reason, the mother of the newborn can not take care of him, this responsibility is borne by another person.

To arrange a childcare leave, you will need:

  • certificate / certificate of birth of the baby;
  • documents indicating kinship with the child;
  • evidence that the baby's mom will not take leave of absence;
  • identity card of the applicant;
  • application for leave.

All documents refer to the employer, after whicha pensioner should be granted leave to care for the baby with all the relevant payments. In practice, this possibility is not implemented very often.

benefits for retirees in old age in Moscow

Regional opportunities

As already mentioned, all the benefits can be divided into federal and regional. The second vary depending on where the citizen lives. For example, residents of Moscow can hope for:

  • a small monthly increase to the pension;
  • free sanatorium treatment (for medical reasons);
  • free travel on the railway transport (suburban);
  • 50% discount for telephone and utility bills.

Earlier, older people could count on free travel on public transport. But recently this privilege was canceled. It was preserved only in some regions of the Russian Federation.

Deep old age

Some citizens receive special opportunities after reaching a certain age. In Russia, pensioners after 80 years have the right to special benefits. Which ones?

Among them are:

  • an increase in the insurance pension by 2 times;
  • free service in medical institutions, including in boarding schools and nursing homes;
  • provision of housing (if necessary);
  • targeted assistance (temporary or permanent), expressed by the allocation of products, legal and medical assistance.

It is clear, what benefits old age pensioners for80 years have been laid. In addition to these bonuses, an elderly person can claim to care for himself. Everyone can take care of the elderly - this period will be counted in the experience. It is this opportunity that is used very actively in the country today.

What are the benefits to old age pensioners in Moscow?

Registration of tax benefits

It is clear, what kind of benefits pensioners have forold age. Now you can find out how they are made out. The bulk of state support has a declarative nature - until the applicant reports on the intention to use the right to a benefit, the relevant authorities will not provide it.

Let's start with the registration of tax benefits. They are provided to the Federal Tax Service at the place of registration of a citizen. I'll have to bring with me:

  • application for exemption from this or that tax;
  • documents indicating the ownership of a property;
  • pensioner's ID;
  • TIN (if any);
  • passport;
  • certificates of disability (if available);
  • receipts on payment of taxes for the previous year.

It would be enough. After studying the materials provided, the pensioner will be exempt from payment of a tax. For changes to take effect from the year of application, it is necessary to submit documents for consideration before November 1.

Making the deductions

The next important point is the registration of tax deductions. The process takes place in the Federal Tax Service. To receive a deduction, the pensioner needs the following documents:

  • application for a deduction;
  • passport;
  • information on income (2-NDFL, bank statements);
  • account details, to which to transfer money;
  • pension certificate;
  • employment history;
  • TIN (if any);
  • medical / educational license;
  • accreditation of the specialty (in training);
  • contract (for services, mortgages, purchase and sale of property);
  • receipts indicating payment for the service / process;
  • tax return;
  • documents on ownership of property.

Usually this is enough. A tax deduction is granted within 4-6 months. This operation requires considerable expectation.

Getting a home

What benefits do pensioners in old age in Moscow and other regions promise in Russia? You can get a home if you do not have one. In this case, you need to contact the city administration.

What are the benefits for old age pensioners over 80 years?

With a pensioner you need to bring:

  • passport;
  • a certificate of recognition of a family in need;
  • a written application for housing;
  • documents indicating ownership of a dwelling;
  • pensioner's ID;
  • certificates of disability and other evidence of the special position of a citizen.

It is now clear what benefits pensioners haveold age in Russia. All state support is without any problems. The main thing is to prepare all necessary documents for this in advance (and their copies).