Functional duties of the precinct officer. Powers of the local police

By order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of 31.12.2012 was approved by the Manual, regulating the organization of activities of precinct police. The document is aimed at improving the work of staff on the prevention of crimes and other violations, increasing their role in protecting life, freedoms, health, public interests, order and security. In the Manual, among other things, the duties of the district police commissioner were also defined. 2016 was not marked by any changes in the document. Let's consider further the basic requirements shown to employees.

duties of the precinct

District police commissioner: duties

Employee for the purpose of effective executionset tasks must know and comply with the prescriptions of legislative and other normative acts of the Russian Federation, which form the legal basis for its activities, use methods and forms to prevent crimes and other violations. Performing onthe squabbling of the district police, The employee follows the production procedure andregistration of urgent (urgent) investigative measures, production of administrative cases. The employee must have information on the territories involved in his jurisdiction:

  1. Means and forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  2. Representatives of public organizations of law enforcement orientation.
  3. Employees of enterprises conducting private (private) security activities.

Performing functional duties of the precinct, the employee must know the dislocation of mobileand stationary points of military personnel, clothes, military traffic police. Working on the territory, the employee must know its features, the scheme of roads, the location and mode of operation of enterprises, organizations, institutions, regardless of their type of property, as well as places for mass recreation of the population, objects of cultural and historical values, warehouses, bases, other places the maintenance of material values, including money, parking lots. Special care should be taken by the employee to potentially hazardous areas. They include, in particular, weapons warehouses, facilities where explosives are stored, narcotic, psychotropic compounds, objects withdrawn from circulation or restricted therein. Performing duties of the local police, the employee must participate in the trainings of representatives of public organizations of law enforcement orientation.

 functional duties of the precinct

Carrying of service

Rights, duties of precinct commissioners are defined in federal normative acts andlocal documents adopted in accordance with them. Performing tasks, employees are assigned a number of powers. With their implementation are directly related job duties of the precinct. Within the framework of official activity, an employeeAccepts messages, statements, other information relating to administrative violations or crimes, as well as incidents. The received information is immediately transferred to the duty part by means of accessible means of communication. When you arrive at a branch or other office, information is recorded in the register of applications, appeals and reception of citizens.

Checking and informing

Obligations of the precinct provide for the consideration ofmessages, statements and other information. After acceptance of information on violations, incidents or crimes, the employee carries out its verification and takes measures on them that are permissible by law. In doing so, carrying out duties of the district commissioner, the employee must informthe competence of the applicants about the process of reviewing the information transmitted by them. In addition, he must notify the relevant municipal and state structures, their officials about the facts that require their immediate participation.

Rapid Response

What is the responsibility of the precinct in the framework of this activity? When information is received about the commission of crimes, the employee, after reporting to her on duty, must immediately go to the scene of the incident, stop the unlawful behavior of persons, eliminate threats to security. Within the framework of an operational response, the employee documents the facts and circumstances within the competence, ensures the safety of the traces of the crime before the SOG arrives. If a citizen is found injured in a crime, an administrative violation, an accident, as well as subjects who are in a state of helplessness or dangerous for them, the district police officer immediately notifies the duty officer. If there is no possibility of timely arrival of the medical team, the employee renders first aid to the victims.

Establishment of circumstances of accidents

Performing duties of the precinct, the ATS officer identifies within the competencethe causes of administrative violations and crimes, the conditions that contributed to their commission. All available information the employee reports to the head of the territorial division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition, the employee reports on the need to submit to the heads and other officials of the organizations of submissions that are mandatory for implementation, aimed at taking measures to eliminate these conditions and causes. Realizing duties of the precinct, the employee identifies subjects who have intentions to commit crimes. The employee conducts preventive individual work with them.

rights and duties of the precinct

Additional Activities

AT duties of the precinct includes participation in the work on the selection of candidatesfor the implementation of their freelance activities. Within the scope of competence, the employee directly supervises their work. A district officer in the course of his activity should interact with public organizations and the population in the sphere of preventing violations, protecting the order and ensuring security. In emergency situations, the employee takes urgent measures to protect property, save citizens. In such circumstances, he must also promote the smooth operation of emergency and other services. During the epizootic and epidemics, the precinct's duties also include ensuring public safety during quarantine activities.

Assistance to employees of other divisions

Within the competence of the precinct officer is obligedcarry out court decisions, on written orders of the head of the territorial department of internal affairs - written instructions given by the investigator, the body of inquiry about the conduct of certain actions, the detention of citizens, accused or suspected of crimes. As part of its activities, the employee conducts administrative cases and suppresses violations. Within the limits of competence, the district police officer helps the employees of ATS units and other federal executive structures to establish the location of citizens on the territory under his jurisdiction:

  • declared in search;
  • suspects / accused of a crime or committed it;
  • hiding from the court, inquiry / investigation;
  • Evasion of compulsory medical or educational measures prescribed by him in accordance with the established procedure, as well as from hospitalization due to the presence of mental illness;
  • the missing are unknown.

The employee also provides assistance withthe identification of corpses, the search for stolen material values, the detention of citizens who escaped from custody, evading the serving of punishment under the Criminal Code. Within the limits of his competence, the district police officer participates in activities aimed at combating terrorism.

Monitoring and supervision

Within the scope of competence, the precinct officer exercisessupervision of the execution by citizens released from prison of restrictions and prohibitions established by him in accordance with Federal Law No. 64. Together with healthcare institutions, employees are involved in monitoring persons with mental disorders who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction and are dangerous to society. This work is aimed at preventing crimes and other unlawful acts committed by these subjects.

job duties of the precinct

Identifying illegal activities

If there is a suspicion of the presence of signs in the documentsfalsification of the precinct is obliged to confiscate them from officials and citizens. Similar actions are carried out with respect to items that are excluded or restricted in accordance with the law from the turnover that are in the possession of the subject without the necessary authorization. Together with the detachments, the district police officer traverses the route of patrolling places of probable appearance of citizens who are inclined to illegal behavior, participates in the suppression of crimes and other violations, and detainment of persons suspected of them. In the framework of this activity, employees identify dens for the illegal use of drugs, psychotropic compounds, prostitution, establish their keepers or organizers. At the same time, measures are taken to suppress their work, immediate information is provided to the ATS units concerned. The competence of employees is to identify citizens who use narcotics or psychotropic compounds not designated by a doctor, illegally acquiring, transporting, storing, manufacturing, marketing, processing these substances and their analogues, cultivating plants containing them.

precinct police commissioner

Work related to minors

Within the limits of competence, the district police officer participates insearch for persons who have not reached the age of 18, who left autocratically from a family or a specialized institution (of a closed type including) who need rehabilitation. The employee takes measures to identify citizens who involve minors in criminal and other antisocial activities, the systematic consumption of alcohol, drugs, intoxicating, psychotropic compounds, prostitution, begging and vagrancy. Within the scope of his competence, the employee carries out actions aimed at suppression of such behavior, informs the interested subdivisions about it. The employee must identify persons under the age of 18 living in inadequate living conditions, notifying the PAP about this.

duties of the district commissioner

Normative fastening

Rights and duties of the district police are fixed in the appropriate regulations. Within the framework of his official activity, the employee is guided by Federal Law No. 3. The legal possibilities of the employee are fixed in articles 18, 17, 13-15 of the Law. The rights and duties of the precinct may be further regulated by regional normative acts, taking into account the peculiarities of the territory, issued by the relevant executive structures within their competence.

Preventive bypass

It includes visits to buildings,buildings, buildings located in the subordinated territory. If necessary, the precinct inspects attics, cellars, entrances to empty houses or to be demolished. Preventive detour also involves visiting persons who are registered with the police department, familiarizing residents of apartments with the provisions of federal legislation, holding meetings with the owners of facilities located in the subordinated territory, or their representatives. This work is carried out by the employee only in uniform, with the fulfillment of the requirements of paragraph 23 of the Manual. Preventive detour is a daily activity. During the year the precinct officer is obliged to visit all objects, including residential ones, located in its administrative area. When visiting the apartment, the employee should introduce himself. He calls his name, position. At the request of the tenants, the employee presents the certificate in an open form. The employee must communicate the purpose of his visit, inform about the address of the police station, the location of the reception room, the mode of operation. As part of the detour, the employee explains to citizens information about precautions to prevent violations and crimes aimed at ensuring security, including property.

 which is the responsibility of the precinct
The results of the work performed are included in the schemehouses with dates. The received information is intended for official use and should not be transferred to third parties, unless other rules are provided for by federal legislation. The district police officer is solely responsible for the confidentiality of this information. The employee reports all cases of violation of regulatory requirements to the head of the territorial department of the ATS. When obtaining information about citizens suspected of involvement in crimes and administrative misdemeanors, the district commissioner prepares a report. The document is issued in the name of the head of the territorial department of the ATS.