The Russian Navy. Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy: composition, photo, contacts. Day of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy. What is the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy famous for?

Any state at all times could becharacterize, analyzing three main aspects, namely: the level of freedom of citizens, the prevailing method of regulating public relations, the development of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces. The last element is of great importance even in the modern world. It would seem, why do we need a strong army today, if the majority of large-scale military conflicts were over in the 20th century? Indeed, there are really no significant international problems today. Nevertheless, the XXI century, as recent events have shown, is not an "oasis" of stability. Most states do not trust other representatives of the international arena. Such a mode of interaction is a time bomb, which may in the future develop into a full-fledged war. To prevent this from happening, states are obliged to build up military power to suppress any kind of provocation. It should be noted that in some countries today there are already highly mobile and combat-ready units. Such countries include the Russian Federation. As part of its armed forces, there is the Pacific Navy, which has a very interesting history and a number of characteristic features.

Russian Navy Pacific Fleet

Navy of the Russian Federation

The fleet is the main combat group on thewater. Throughout history, this type of troops was modernized and became increasingly lethal. As for Russia, our state was not always famous for the developed naval forces, if we compare them with similar units of England, Spain and Portugal. Nevertheless, the "access to Europe" cut through by Peter I gave an opportunity to develop a new sector of military art. To date, the Russian Navy is one of the components of the armed forces of the state. It has its own structure and a number of functional tasks that differ in specificity.

Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy

Composition of the Navy

The structure of the Navy can beviewed from two positions. In the first case, it is necessary to take into account the individual units that are part of the represented army. To date, the Russian Navy includes:

  • surface and submarine forces;
  • naval aviation;
  • coastal fleet troops.

But in addition to dividing by specific powerstructures, the entire Navy of the Russian Federation is divided into certain parts, formed by strategic necessity and territorial location. In accordance with this, there are:

  • Baltic.
  • Northern.
  • The Caspian.
  • Black Sea.
  • Pacific Fleet.

The last grouping is one of the largest, if we take into account the number of equipment and personnel.

Navy of Russia - Pacific Fleet

To date, the Russian Federation isone of the largest countries in terms of territoriality. The fleet in this case is a way to protect the main outlets of the Power to the World Ocean. The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy is a military grouping of the same-type army, which is part of the Armed Forces of the state. In its composition there is a large number of special technical means. With their help, the grouping provides security in the Asia-Pacific region.

A truly legendary story presentedThe military grouping determined its popularity and authority. This fact manifests itself in the existence of a memorable date devoted to this structural subdivision of the armed forces. Thus, May 21 is the day of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Imperial period in the history of the Pacific Navy grouping

The territory of the Russian Federation extends tomany kilometers. Therefore, the state has many exits to the sea. But the Pacific Fleet did not always exist. The starting point in his history is 1716, when the Okhotsk military port was created. For a long time this location was the main naval base in the Far Eastern territories. The next stage in the development of the structural element of the Navy was in 1731. This date marked the appearance of the Okhotsk military flotilla, the decree on the creation of which was given by the Empress Anna Ioannovna.

The Pacific Fleet received its first baptism in1854 year. From August 18 to August 24, two ships, the Aurora and the Dvina, resisted an overwhelming Anglo-French squadron. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian Empire began to build up the power of the Pacific grouping in connection with the escalation of conflicts with Japan. During this period, the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy is based on paragraph, known as Port Arthur.

pacific navy
In 1904, during the Russo-Japanese War, most of the Imperial fleet was destroyed, as the enemy's forces at sea were superior.

Soviet and modern period of development

The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy played a significantrole in the process of the establishment of the power of the Soviets in the Far East in 1917. Most of the sailors of the group fought for the formation of the "red" regime. However, the Pacific Fleet in 1926 was disbanded. The unit was restored only after 6 years. And already in 1937 the Pacific Naval School began to function. During the Second World War, the unit fought against the Germans and the Japanese.

After the independence of the Russian Federation, the PacificThe fleet of the Russian Navy, whose composition is presented in the article, began to develop rapidly. The evolution of this unit of the armed forces is quite simple. The Far East is of great strategic importance. Therefore, his defense is a paramount task. In accordance with this in 2000, the total technical renewal of the Pacific Fleet begins.

To date, the subdivisionis one of the most combat-ready, if you analyze the whole structure of the Navy. The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, whose contacts can be found on the Internet, has a whole range of functional areas that will be presented later.

Pacific Fleet in Russia

The main tasks of the grouping

To date, there are many questionsabout what the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy is doing, whose composition is presented in the article? Even in spite of the relatively peaceful climate that prevails throughout the international community, the military group mentioned in the article performs a huge number of functional tasks.

  1. The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy ensures the maintenance of strategic forces in combat readiness to deter possible nuclear aggression.
  2. The group protects the main economic areas in the controlled region.
  3. It ensures the implementation of any kind of foreign policy actions: business visits, exercises, peacekeeping operations, etc.
  4. The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, whose photo is presented in this article, also deals with ensuring the safety of navigation.

Thus, the unit implements importanttasks in the Far East region. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the main functions in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, several groups of bases operate at once. To date, there are five main places where the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy is located. Vladivostok is the main base. In addition to it, the technical and personnel of the group are located in Fokino, Bolshoy Kamen, Vilyuchinsk and Sovetskaya Gavan. Thus, the Far Eastern frontier overlaps at once in several directions, which allows the formation of more effective implementation of their tasks.

Technical equipment of the Pacific Fleet

The Far Eastern grouping of the Navy now includes a large number of different types of equipment. Today the basis of the Pacific Fleet is the following technical means, namely:

  • underwater cruisers;
  • nuclear and diesel-powered submarines;
  • Surface ships that operate in near sea and ocean areas;
  • missile-carrying, antisubmarine, fighter planes.
    Pacific Fleet вмф россии contacts

If we analyze the technical componentPacific Fleet in more detail, it is based on the cruisers of the Orlan project, the Sarych destroyers, the small anti-submarine ships Albatross, the Molniya missile boats, the Gatchonok anti-sabotage boats, etc. Elite submarine units are large and small atomic submarines "Antey" and "Pike-B".

Features of the organizational composition of the Pacific Fleet

It should be noted that in the structure of the subdivisionthere are not only underwater and surface forces, but also some special formations. For example, great importance is played by groups of marines, anti-aircraft missile units and electronic warfare units. These formations provide effective performance of functional tasks, as well as a high level of security on the Far Eastern borders.

But there is a logical question, what is the famous Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, in addition to the mentioned technical base? The answer is the legendary flagship "Varyag".

pacific navy of russia photos

Flagman of the Pacific Fleet

The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, whose baselocated in Vladivostok, has in its composition the main, leading ship. Flagship project 1164 "Varyag" was launched in 1982. Despite its age, the ship is perfectly suited for the performance of modern combat missions. It can reach speeds of up to 32 knots. Autonomy of the voyage can last about 30 days. "Varyag" can contain 680 crewmen on board and cover a distance of 7000 miles. The indicator of the ship's displacement is 11 300 tons.

The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy is based on paragraph

As for military power, the Varyag missile cruiser can compete with many modern ships. The flagship's armament consists of several elements. It:

  • the Ka-27 helicopter;
  • 2 anti-aircraft complexes of the "Wasp";
  • 2 torpedo tubes;
  • 8 anti-aircraft missile systems "Fort";
  • 16 installations of the Vulcan type;
  • 6 installations of "АК-630";
  • one installation of "AK-130".

Thus, the ship, given its technical characteristics, can with dignity carry the status of the flagship.

Flagship activities

Even with the authoritative status of the ship"Varyag", it is a combat missile cruiser, which can be used to carry out combat missions, as already indicated earlier. The most vivid examples of the flagship's activities recently are his participation in several operations. First, the Varyag took part in Russian-Indian naval exercises, which took place in 2015 from December 7 to 12. Secondly, on January 3, 2016, the cruiser changed the ship "Moscow" and ensured the fulfillment of the combat mission. His main goal was to cover the air group of the Russian Air Force, which operated at that time in Syria. All the goals set before the flagship were fulfilled. Therefore, by the summer of 2016 the ship returned to Vladivostok with the entire crew on board.


So, we tried to find out the technicalthe state and main tasks of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy. Vladivostok is the main formation base for today. It should be noted that the grouping is one of the most deadly and developed units in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the security of the Far Eastern maritime borders of our country.