Order on the approval of the staff schedule

To formalize the organizational structure andDetermination of the size of any organization (in the public sphere or business sphere) uses a document on the T-3 form. For this purpose (in accordance with the Charter or the Regulations), before the beginning of the next calendar year, the responsible official or the relevant structural unit or personnel management services develops, and the first head of staff signs an order to approve the staffing table. The document attached to the order (the form of its T-3 - unified and uniform for all) contains a list of all structural units, the names of posts (managers, specialists and employees), a list of working professions, and the number of staff units. In addition, for each category, it determines the form of remuneration of labor, establishes forks salaries and tariff rates, surcharges and allowances.

Thus, the order to approve the staffThe schedule introduces a document determining the maximum number and size of the wage fund, on the basis of which the HR department makes up and constantly updates the assignment of employees for posts and professions to the organization and monitors all dismissals and admission of employees. This document indicates the position or profession of each employee, the salary established for him (the tariff rate) and the surcharge or surcharge. All this is the basis for personnel management.

The order on the approval of the staffing table (itsproject) is compiled by a labor economist or another person, to which the organization is responsible for organizing the work and motivating the employees (that is, certain functions for personnel management). Depending on the size and specifics of the organization, these duties are assigned to a specific official. A special order or an employment contract (within the framework of the job description) establishes personal responsibility. That is, in this or that document there should be a requirement that a particular leader or specialist should draft an order, coordinate it and send it for approval.

Since a single unified form does notThere is, for the sample of the order on the approval of the staff list, any suitable variant from the set published on the Web can be taken. The order must contain the administrative part, while the stating part is excluded. The administrative part includes an order approving the document from a specific date, indicating the number (in figures and in words) and the size of the FOT (in figures and in words).

After the preparation of the project and its approval in the order established in the organization, the head signs an order approving the staffing table. A sample of this document can be:

"Business name


Date, number

On approval of the staffing table

(hereinafter the name of the enterprise)


To approve for 2025 the staffing table from 27December 2024, No. 1885 with a payroll of 910 (nine hundred and ten) staff units and with a monthly salary of 1000100 (one million one hundred) rubles.

Head of Organization I.O.

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Staffing and placement aredocuments with limited access, so the order to approve the staff schedule regulates the distribution (usually it is indicated on the back of the document), which lists the departments and officials of the institution where the order is sent and its copies, as well as the application and its copies. At the same time, the official responsible for the preparation of the project should remember that it is allowed to familiarize himself with the staffing table or the arrangement of any employees, if this falls within their job responsibilities. Responsibility for meeting this requirement is borne by the head of the HR department of the organization.