Canceling a power of attorney for a car is a fait accompli

It is not uncommon for a car to driveis not its official owner. Perhaps, the most common situation is when the husband drives the wife, or the daddy was taken by the offspring. If at the same time the owner is in the car, then none of the authorities should arise questions - it is clear that he trusts the driver. But if the owner does not, maybe the car was stolen? Previously, the power of attorney served as evidence of the opposite. But now, when there was a legislative cancellation of the power of attorney for the car, the situation changed.

cancellation of power of attorney for a car

Canceling the power of attorney on the car means that nowemployee of the State Road Safety Inspectorate (GIBDD) has no right to ask the driver for this document. Previously, he was on the mandatory list of what should be in the hands of the driver, so that he was considered a good participant in the traffic. It is enough for the driver to present his rights and a certificate of registration of the vehicle (technical equipment) to the traffic police officer. And only if he has additional questions, insurance is presented.

cancellation of power of attorney on the car

Cancellation of power of attorney for the car actuallyreplaced by the form of OSAGO. In other words, the fact that the driver of a technical means trusts this driver, you can see in the form of insurance. Recall that OSAGO can be issued in two forms - with the restriction of the number of drivers who are allowed to operate this particular car, and without restriction. In the latter case, the cost of insurance substantially increases. And most drivers of personal cars, and many entrepreneurs, use the first option. And this means that if the driver is inscribed in the policy, the owner of the car trusts him, and there can be no question of hijacking. But if there are no entries in OSAGO, then the revocation of powers of attorney will not help - the traffic police officer will issue a fine of 500-800 rubles.

cancellation of powers of attorney

Does the cancellation of power of attorney for the car,that this document was not necessary at all? No, you can not say that. The law excluded a power of attorney from the number of mandatory documents that the driver must carry with him. But in some cases, it is still necessary. For example, if the car was evacuated to a parking lot. It can be withdrawn after payment of all necessary penalties either by the owner, inscribed in the passport of the technical means (TCP), or by the authorized representative indicated in the power of attorney. In this case, it is not necessary to certify this document from a notary - a simple hand-written form, if it states that the bearer is entitled to certain actions.

cancellation of handwritten powers of attorney

In particular, the same applies to passagevehicle inspection "shaken". The cancellation of the power of attorney for the car did not affect the situation when it is necessary to rent a car from the state registration or, on the contrary, to register it in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. The trustee not only can pass a checkup and get or pass the numbers, but even sell the car - if it is written in the same handwritten letter of attorney. Its notarization is required only for crossing the border.