Working pensioners, will we tighten our belts?

Working pensioners are currently veryworried about a lot of rumors about the upcoming pension reform and the procedure for charging them pensions. After all, most of them do not work from a good life, but from having to make ends meet, help children, afford a small fraction of what they denied themselves while raising their children. Therefore, first of all, they are interested in the procedure for the recalculation of charges.

First, let's define that working pensioners are citizens who receive

Working pensioners
age pension and having a workingplace and, accordingly, salary. Of course, this category relies on a number of benefits, which are determined by the current legislation. An example can serve as an additional leave for up to 14 days a year, albeit without saving wages.

So, the recalculation for this category of the populationis possible not earlier than 12 months after the appointment. This applies to the insurance part, which is formed from the contributions of employers. Working pensioners can, if desired, receive information about insurance contributions in the pension fund. Pensioners-individual entrepreneurs can also expect to receive this information from the FIU. But the basic part of the pension is appointed by the decision of the Government and does not depend on the amounts listed by the employer.

Benefits for working pensioners

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides privilegesworking pensioners and people with disabilities. To do this, it is necessary to pass an examination in the bodies that implement pensions, to have a medical report that specifies the degree of restriction. And if a working pensioner is refused, he has the right to independently pass an examination in the ITU. Then the purpose of the disability will be counted from the moment of application to the ITU. At the same time, a working pensioner who has the right to a privilege can count on preferential travel and transport tax.

You can find out more about the benefits of disabled pensioners in the Pension Fund at the place of residence.

Old-age pension provision lawextends to those who committed the crime, even as a result of which they became disabled, and those who do not have insurance experience. True, this will be the minimum amount.

Working pensioners are currently thinking about whether it is worthwhile to work, or to save a pension. This concerns, above all, high-paying

Pensions for working pensioners
employees. Working pensioners are puzzled by what criteria to determine how high their pension is. Officials of the FIU claim that the highest pension can not exceed the national average by more than 3 - 4 times.

The novelty is the concept of "costpension coefficient ". This is calculated in advance until 2015, a fixed amount of charges of 647.7 rubles. for each year of service (see KP No. 9 of March 19, 2013). Experts say that there will be a number of other coefficients that can always be corrected. And this worries this category of citizens.

Finally, in the current Law, it is prescribedthe provision that pensions to working pensioners, as before, will be indexed annually, depending on the level of inflation. In 2013, it is expected to be at 6 percent.