Retirement age for men in Russia, employed in different areas

In Russia, men and women retire todifferent ages. Some say that this is not fair, since the life expectancy of the stronger sex is less than the life expectancy of women. By law, the retirement age for men in Russia is sixty years, and for women - fifty-five.

Retirement age for men in Russia

Insurance pension

Until 2015, the concept of insurancepart of the pension included in the labor pension. After the reforms, everything changed, and the pension now consists of insurance and funded, and the concept of labor was abolished.

According to the law, an insurance pension can be severaltypes: old age, disability and loss of a nurse. To appoint an old-age benefit, it is necessary that the retirement age for men in Russia be reached. Also it is necessary that the work experience correspond to the minimum established. Under the new law for the calculation of insurance benefits it is necessary to have the specified value of points.

Total age of retirement

The retirement age of men in Russia is 60years. However, there are specialties, when working on which a man can go on a deserved rest earlier or, conversely, later than the established average period.

Retirement age of men in Russia

Retirement of "Northerners"

"North" retirement age for men in Russialess than average. All citizens working in the Far North and in areas equal to the COP can go on vacation at 55, but only on condition that they have worked there for at least fifteen years (calendar) or twenty years in areas equal to the COP.

Age of future retirees of civil servants

Retirement age for men in Russia, employedin the civil service, will be 65 years. According to the government's plan for this indicator should come by 2026. In 2017, the retirement age of civil servants is sixty years and six months. Each year this indicator will grow by half a year. In 2018, the age of men should be 61 years, and in 2019 - 61 and a half. Thus, the state plans to increase the period of output to 65 for men.

Retirement age of military personnel

Many are interested in the question of what ageretirement is established in Russia. The new pension reform has made serious changes in the age group of the military, who are sent to retirement. Under the new law, the time to retire depends on the title, length of service.

General-colonels and admirals have the rightto retire from 60 to 65. Five years earlier, Major-General and Rear Admiral can go on vacation. For the colonels and captains, the retirement age is now 50 and 55 years. The rest of the military can resign from 45 to 50.

Individual retirement agesome military personnel may be increased. For Admiral and Colonel-General, the service period can be extended to 70 years, and for the remaining ranks of servicemen - up to 65 years.

Because of the increase in retirement age, manycitizens had the opportunity to earn a good pension benefit. Under the new law, citizens have the right not to retire, but remain at work as much as they see fit. At the same time, recalculation of future benefits will be carried out annually by three percent.

Retirement of specialists of the list 1, 2

For those who work in the specialty on harmfulworks, there are two lists - 1 and 2. They show the work experience in certain positions, the retirement age, when you reach which you can go on vacation.

According to these lists, work experience and retirement agedepend on each other. So, with the experience of five years you can retire at 55, and with a seniority of 8 years - in 52 years. Those who have worked on harmful work for 12.5 years can retire at 55.

What is the retirement age in Russia?

For each type of employment there is adefined retirement age. To ensure that the future allowance is worthy, it is necessary to ensure that the employer makes timely payments to the PF, and the personnel department correctly filled out the work book and other documents confirming the position and periods of work.